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food waste concept

Challenges That Create Food Shortage

Most parts of the world are experiencing food shortages and according to some articles, inequality is to blame for this ever-growing problem. However, it is not just inequality of food supply that can be blamed for this problem. There are more reasons why food shortage has been a growing issue in most countries. It is

man working

COVID-19 Management Hacks: Sun Tzu and Keys to Unlock Your Virtual Team’s Potential

Sun Tzu in his world-renowned book “The Art of War” spoke about adaptability best. As always he translated wisdom that would have evaded our thinking into everyday things, showcasing how brilliant the Oriental military strategist truly is. He cautioned that generals should be able to the situation of the enemy, referred to in the book as weak

business concept

Ramping up Digital Marketing in 2021

You must have learned by now that the market for almost everything has shifted online. This prompted Paige O’Neill of Sitecore, a member of the Forbes Communication Council, to state that the term “digital marketing” should be just “marketing” because in-person activities are already limited. The forecast is that even after the complete roll-out of

time travel concept

Technology From the Past That We Can No Longer Replicate

A lot of the technologies we have today would be considered sorcery a century or two ago. Ever since man has discovered fire and how to use it to his advantage, history has shown us how we have developed and progressed technologically. From the invention of the telephone to machines, equipment, and software that businesses

Tales of the Misophones: Devices Made for People Who Hate Sounds

In a world filled with so much noise, it is hard to find the energy to focus and concentrate on everyday tasks. Those simple actions are made even harder if you’re one of the people who suffer from misophonia. This is a sensory disorder that literally means hatred of sounds. Misophones can be triggered by

google search engine

4 Changes in Search Behavior Caused by the Pandemic

Marketers and SEO specialists need to know how the coronavirus pandemic changed the search behavior of consumers. As the whole world struggles with the pandemic, we have yet to see how it will change marketing trends and SEO metrics in the next couple of years. But as early as now, Google, the world’s leading search


Can Gamification Really Help You Pursue Continued Learning as an Adult?

Continued learning is an essential skill for adults. What we learn in school is never a finished skill set, but only a foundation for future success. The world around us continues to evolve and demand new skills. Many adult learners can gain new and useful knowledge from bite-sized content packages, whether through trade publications or

Cyber protection

5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Information at Work

Cyber attacks are becoming more common in the business world, with over 64% of companies claiming they have experienced web-based attacks in the past year, and most of these are data breaches. A data breach is when confidential information gets shared in a non-trusted environment, and organizations globally have experienced more than 3,800 data breaches—a

electric bills

4 Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

Energy efficiency starts at home. Living in a greener space is a kinder choice for both the environment and your wallet. Below are practical ways to save energy in and around your house. 1. Invest in Thermal Imaging Thermal imaging can help identify problems in insulation by detecting trouble spots that are invisible to the

Artificial Intelligence

Future Aid: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an area of technology that has always gotten everyone talking. It can be paired with other techniques to create a useful device or machine. For example, mix robotics with the camera tech of today, and you can come up with a machine that can make its way around the environment. The camera

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