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4 Changes in Search Behavior Caused by the Pandemic

Marketers and SEO specialists need to know how the coronavirus pandemic changed the search behavior of consumers. As the whole world struggles with the pandemic, we have yet to see how it will change marketing trends and SEO metrics in the next couple of years. But as early as now, Google, the world’s leading search engine, already noticed some trends in SEO.

All over the world, there is a renewed sense of caution because of the rising cases. Economists expected this as the second and third wave of the outbreak hit many European countries. But the change in their consumers’ search behavior varies depending on the culture, tradition, beliefs, and government response in the country.

For example, in India, Indonesia, and China, consumers are more optimistic about the economy. The same holds true for many East Asian countries. In Europe (except for Italy), consumers are pessimistic because of the rising cases. Also, it might be because of their respective governments’ responses. Japanese consumers are also crestfallen.

But in general, SEO companies should take note of what Google said will affect search engine behavior in the coming years. While these changes are nothing drastic for now, marketers should prepare for the inevitable: a shift in consumer behavior. These changes in the search behavior will find themselves in the actual sales of a company.

Making Critical Information Available

The new norm isn’t something you transition to with ease. People are looking for information on how to adjust to it. That’s what your website should have—information that will help people transition to the new norm. For example, if your business is offering door-to-door delivery, it is now more essential to reiterate this offer.

Think about who you are targeting. If your market is work-from-home parents, then some of the keywords you should use are easy, fast, and convenient. For its part, Google said that there is a significant spike for these words: home delivery, freezing different food, short-term work employee, retail, and mortgage rate suspension.

What you can glean from this is that people want to prepare for future pandemics, they are saving money, and they are looking for jobs. Aside from that, they are also having a hard time paying the rent. These trends should help you create a more sensitive marketing campaign.

Creating Connections

Everyone should practice social distancing. As a result, people feel more isolated than ever. They are looking for connections. Does it matter if these connections are forged only on the internet? Hardly. They just want that human connection.

Make content that encourages virtual connections. The search engine behemoth said that people have been searching for “with me” videos. These are videos wherein the subject does something so mundane like cleaning the kitchen that others can watch and do with the subject. Some popular searches are “study with me” and “cook with me” videos, with the former increasing by 54% year-on-year.

Adjusting to New Interests and Habits

woman with laptop and coffeeAs people retreat to their homes, they have to find new things that interest them. Research showed that more people are watching late-night shows now than before the pandemic. They are somehow interested that the hosts air the show from their own homes. Isn’t it interesting to see how the rich and famous live?

Google said that search for DIY kits started to spike during the height of the outbreak. This will continue to be relevant as people try to do things themselves instead of calling in a handyman to do the work and possibly exposing themselves to the virus. Anyone who wants to go higher on search engine results should publish content that entertains and informs.

Taking Care of Themselves

People are finally realizing the importance of taking care of themselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Google said there’s an increase in search for how to ease boredom and anxiety, as well as how to eat healthily. People want to read about tips that will help them survive and thrive during this pandemic.

Do something that will help people take their minds off their anxieties. A contest is a great way to keep them entertained for a while. If you produce interesting things like coffee beans or Christmas decorations, you can give them a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes action, too. You can also collaborate with public facilities such as parks and community centers that people yearn to visit but cannot. A virtual tour of these facilities will be helpful.

There will be more changes in the future that marketers and SEO specialists should take note of. These changes will impact businesses as consumers become wiser and more practical with their choices. This is simply another way the pandemic impacted the world.

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