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woman playing the violin

Too Old to Pick Up an Instrument: Fact or Fallacy?

There are adults across all states, from Las Vegas, California, to Salt Lake City, Utah who want to learn a musical instrument, whether its violin lessons or drums, or maybe even voice classes (after all, this is your very own built-in musical instrument).  If you’re one such adult, chances are, though, you’ve been told at some point that you should have started when you were young. It is commonly assumed that the learning process will be much more difficult for you as an adult, because your brain’s connections have already developed. Hearing this may have discouraged you from ever starting, but did you know that there’s a good side to beginning you musical learning journey as an adult?

Adults Have the Drive and Discipline

When adults want to learn to play an instrument, it’s definitely out of their own decision and motivation. They’d have to then make the time to look for a music school or teacher, and put in the discipline required to learn. They know the goal they want to reach and that they have to work for it to get it.

guitar on top of a wool shirt

Adults Can Understand Better

While children’s minds are still flexible enough to keep absorbing information, understanding it is another matter entirely. Music theory and its concepts of, say, notes, octaves, and scales, are abstract. When it comes to such subjects, adult brains will typically have an easier time grasping the complex information from the get-go. You can get to the nitty-gritty, which is actually playing the instrument, much faster. Plus, learning an instrument in adulthood has also been shown to slow cognitive decline. Now the only challenge for you would probably be your hand-eye coordination, but that can be remedied with consistent practice.

Adults Are More Familiar With Music – You’ve lived out your life, so far, being exposed to music, so you already have an idea of what sounds good and right and what’s not. You also have an idea of what genres and musical styles you prefer. If you were asked to learn a tune that’s familiar to you, you would know how it should sound. The challenge this time would be to remember how the different notes go. It can take a while, but your familiarity with a wider range of music can help.

Adults Need a Hobby – Back when you were a kid, you likely didn’t have much to worry and stress over. Because of this, you didn’t really need a separate activity to express yourself with. Everything was spontaneous and close to your true self. Now that you’re an adult, you are expected to behave a certain way when it comes to work and your interactions in public. You need an outlet of self-expression, and playing a musical instrument can provide it for you.

If you think about it, there could be no better time to start learning an instrument than now, when you’re an adult. You have the necessary brain power and the motivation for it. All you need now is to put in more work into your coordination and memory and you can actually succeed in this endeavor.

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