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The Best Mexican Food You Should Try

Mexican food ranks high among the most well-loved foreign cuisine that captured the hearts of American food lovers. Talk about tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, and you'll make someone's mouth water. 


This is why many franchise owners serve Mexican food with fresh ingredients. Here are some of the best Mexican food that you should sink your teeth into:



This Instagram-worthy on-the-go snack is a cross between Mexican and American cuisine. Dorilocos are tasty snacks with ingredients like nacho cheese, carrots, jicamas, and chilis. They are commonly sold as street food in Mexico but have found their way into Mexican restaurants in the U.S.


Huevos rancheros

Want to start the day right with a sumptuous Mexican breakfast? Then you should have a hearty huevos rancheros meal. This tasty dish has salsa, fried egg, and corn tortillas. It can be served with guacamole and Mexican rice.



These famous snacks are made from deep-fried tortillas stuffed with chicken or beef. Flautas are usually paired with fresh cheese and shredded lettuce for added flavor and texture.



These ancient Mexican snacks are made from flour or corn tortillas. Beans, meat, seafood, and other tasty ingredients make up their fillings. A coating of chili sauce makes enchiladas an eclectic and mouth-watering breakfast option.


Torta Ahogada

Fancy a genuinely flavorful Mexican dish? By all means, order a torta ahogada! This type of sandwich features bolillo roll and pork filling. The filling is marinated and fried to perfection before being submerged in tomato sauce that's showered with spices.



Pozole is an Aztec-inspired soup that has dried corn kernels, pork, cabbage, and chili. Garlic, salsa, and onion are also added to enrich the flavor.



You will miss something if you haven't eaten fajitas all your life. This famed Mexican dish features filling made from shrimp, beef, or chicken spiced with onion and pepper and then wrapped in tortillas. A serving or two of fajitas would be enough to help put you in a great mood.



Made more famous by the hit Hollywood family flick "Coco," tamales is Mexican food made from corn dough, cheese, meat, and pepper. They are wrapped in a corn husk, steamed, and served to hungry tummies.




Cheese lovers, unite! Quesadillas, by the name itself, is a cheese lover's heaven on earth. These snacks use different kinds of cheese, but among the most commonly-used one is Oaxacan. Gringa, a type of quesadilla, is a tortilla with cheese, pineapple, and meat called al pastor. There are other quesadillas that you may try, so it should be a rather exciting experience for you.



If you're a fan of corn, then be sure to have or two elotes when you visit a Mexican store. An elote is boiled corn placed on a stick or in cups and showered with powdered chili, cheese, lime, and butter. The interesting array of tastes makes elote a well-loved Mexican snack.


Eating any or all of these Mexican dishes is enough to pique the interest of food-savvy entrepreneurs. If you're such a person, you might want to contact a company that offers Mexican restaurant franchising opportunities. It will allow you to serve your array of mouth-watering Mexican dishes to like-minded people. 


Of course, it won't hurt that you can help yourself to delicious Mexican food whenever you want.

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