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4 Ways to Build a Better Customer Base for Your Oral Surgery Practice

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons reveals the organization currently has over 11,000 members throughout the  United States. Although this means that people can readily find accomplished medical professionals for their oral health concerns, this population represents a lot of competition for oral surgeons.

So how can you maximize the reach and the profitability of your practice? Word of mouth may be a reliable approach, but you have to think bigger and more modern to compete in today’s market. You need to build a large and loyal customer base that will support your business.

One way you can achieve this is by forming partnerships with companies that offer search engine optimization for oral surgeons. However, you can also draw in potential customers and secure your existing clientele on your own with these four effective approaches.

1. Interact with the Community

Digital marketing does help expand your reach online, but you need to make your presence felt in the community. People living in your area will be your most accessible market, making it vital for you to establish your practice’s presence. You can increase your visibility and rapport with your community in many ways.

Educate people by holding seminars about the importance of oral health. Or contribute to a local outreach program of your choice. Alternatively, you can support neighborhood sports teams and other communal activities.

2. Showcase Success on Social Media

Leverage the power of social media by showcasing successful procedures. With your patients’ consent, post pictures of all the smiles you’ve fixed and the confidence you’ve restored to your patients. Create Facebook and Instagram profiles, and let potential customers see what you can do. It will also lend authenticity to your profile pages.

3. Encourage Online Reviews

Create business pages for your practice on Yelp and other local directories that allow reviews and ratings. Even people who live near your oral surgery practice will check online reviews to see if your business will fit their needs. According to a survey, 84 percent of people trust online reviews as if they were recommendations from someone they know. Reviews also lends credibility to your practice, helping potential patients make an informed decision. Review pages are also excellent materials for digital marketers to use in building up your online presence and authority.

4. Send Appointment Notifications

calendar on yellow background

Show some love for patients new and old by sending them appointment notifications. This ensures that patients are apprised of their appointments, allowing them to alter their schedules accordingly. It also helps very busy people remember when they need to show up at your office. Studies have shown that when patients receive appointment notifications, they rarely cancel their arrangements.

You can use standard text messaging to send these notifications. Or you can create personalized e-mail reminders for an extra touch of customer service.

Just as you take care of your patients’ health, so should you make an effort to take care of your customers. Care is the foundation of a loyal clientele, and it’s also the best way for your oral surgery practice to achieve financial success.

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