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Why Website Design and SEO Should Go Hand in Hand

If you want to become a successful business owner, you need to use various methods to ensure that your brand gains popularity. This is crucial, especially for startups whose brand name is not yet recognized in the market. One thing you should do is to create a website. This will spread information about your products and services online, so you can reach out to more people and attract more potential clients.

When it comes to creating websites, though. some business owners focus too much on the design. While this is an effective method to impress visitors, it is not enough. What you should do is to incorporate excellent search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve your pages. You can partner with a digital marketing company in Los Angeles to help you build an optimized website with a professional-looking design.

Building an Attractive and Optimized Website

website building

Web designers, programmers and SEO specialists and even writers should work hand in hand in creating a business website. Without the help of one of these teams, your business will fail to tap opportunities, which can make your company become more successful. Here are a few suggestions to create the best website for your business:

  • Make it mobile-friendly – The majority of potential customers use mobile devices to browse for products. Do not forget to consider this fact when creating a website. Test how your site looks in different mobile devices so that customers can navigate through pages without any issues.
  • Make everything readable – Pay attention to font size and style, too. Some websites look ridiculous because of crazy fonts. Some look unprofessional because of extra large texts. Choose a visually-friendly font style and size for your website. Better stick with sleek, minimal, and clean-looking fonts rather than curly and wavy ones.
  • Optimize images – Research about the best file size for website images. Large files may cause your site to have slow page loading. Aside from this, optimize your images by placing descriptive alternative texts and file names when uploading them on your site. This way, search engines will have a way to determine what exactly that website element is.
  • Make URL names more descriptive – Similar to images, URL names should have specific names or titles, as well. Avoid using random letters or numbers. For instance, placing www.yourwebsite/ or www.yourwebsite/ will be recognizable for search engines compared to www.yourwebsite/
  • Avoid Flash websites – Stick to CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Flash websites may look attractive, but they can cause delayed page loads, which can increase your bounce rates. Flash elements can’t be crawled by search engines, too. This will make it difficult for you to land the first page on search results.

It is easier to create a website nowadays because you can hire an agency offering web design and SEO services. Sometimes, digital marketing companies also provide social media and online reputation management services. You just have to find the best team to work with. With the right team and the right resources, your business success will skyrocket. This is one of the best steps in making sure that your brand will continue to thrive despite existing market competition.

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