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Ways to Leverage Google’s Smart Bidding

Google’s smart bidding allows you to automate bid strategies for an effective campaign that delivers the results you want. This tool enables you to reach your target audience and improve your chances of converting. However, just because it’s automatic, it doesn’t mean everything will fall into place for you immediately.

Experts on PPC marketing from Dallas cite the following strategies that allow you to leverage smart bidding and maximize its potential for your business.

Target Search Page Location

This strategy focuses on improving one of your target page’s visibility and search results rank. This automated tool chooses bids that increase the possibility of topping Google’s pages. This approach is an ideal combo with the right keywords and ad groups. This allows your intended customers to find your brand and maybe even make a purchase. It also pushes them further down the sales funnel if they don’t convert immediately.

Maximize Clicks

This bidding strategy focuses on getting as many clicks to your website as possible. This isn’t the same as improving conversions but is more on traffic instead. You can use this approach to test a campaign you want to launch soon fully. The cost-per-click is lower, which means this tactic is cost-effective and allows you to determine the possibilities of campaigns. This approach also provides you with insights into the behavior of your website visitors, such as their time on site, pages they click on, and browsing habits.

Improve Conversions

This strategy focuses on converting visitors whenever they visit your website. This customizes bids that improve the likelihood of a conversion whenever you launch a campaign. This automated bidding strategy uses various signals and data to enhance your conversion rate while staying within budget. This is a recommended approach to boost your bottom line.

Target Outranking Share

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This program enables you to identify an opposing domain that you want to beat. Some of the things this smart bidding strategy can do for you are to outrank your competitor’s ad position and how often you can do it. However, there are no guarantees that it will boost your ad ranking, but only perform better on some advertisements. The Quality Scores of your sites will have a strong effect on the results, so you should work on those as well.


This strategy adjusts manual bids that improve the chances of conversion. You can also use it with third-party tools along with Ad Groups. This approach works better for a massive campaign that creates multiple text ads. Monitor this bidding tool manually to make sure you stay within budget.

Target CPA

If boosting conversion rates is your objective, this smart bidding strategy is what you need. The conversions you get might cost you more than your intended CPA. However, it is possible to stay within your established CPA and still get the conversion rate you want. To maximize this strategy’s potential, you’ll need a consistent conversion volume.

These are some of the ways to make full use of smart bidding. Implement these to get the results you want and outrank your competitors.

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