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Three Myths About Hacking You Need to Stop Believing

You might think you know many things about hacking and hackers because you have watched dozens of TV shows and films about these people. It is highly likely that you think all of these people are criminals whose sole intention is to steal information from individuals and companies.

That is not true, however. Some businesses in Australia actually even hire hackers to strengthen their network security by checking for weaknesses and loopholes in the system. They refer to this procedure as penetration testing.

Know more about the myths on hacking and hackers so that you will stop believing in them.

Myth #1: Hacking is a high-octane action

There’s this famous scene in the movie ‘Swordfish’ that real-life hackers like to make fun of — Hugh Jackman’s character, who’s designing a program that could hack into a federal bank and steal $9.5 billion, typing furiously on his keypad while looking at seven computer monitors.

The scene implies that speed is the key to getting into highly secure systems. But according to real hackers, that is just hogwash. The truth is if you ever get the chance to watch hackers in action, you might want to bring a pillow with you because hacking is not as exciting.

For one, hackers often use tools and bots to help them infiltrate a system. These tools and bots are automated, so once they are activated, hackers can sit back and wait for them to infiltrate the system. Usually, it takes them hours before they can do so, so speed is not really the key to be a successful hacker.


Myth #2: All hacking activities are illegal

As mentioned earlier, some hackers actually work with companies to strengthen their security. Referred to as ‘white hat hackers’, they offer their services to businesses that want to see if their digital security system has flaws or weaknesses.

So, these hackers would try to hack into their systems and if they do, they will inform their clients where the weak spots are. They will also suggest ways to strengthen their security systems. Despite what the movies show, not all hacking activities are illegal and not all hackers are criminals.

Myth #3: It takes an IT genius to be a hacker

The biggest myth about hacking is if you are not a programmer, you will not make it as a hacker. Real hackers say that there are several ways to hack into a computer or email account, and you do not even have to know programming to infiltrate them.

If you are imaginative enough, you can actually hack into other people’s personal accounts with just a basic knowledge of computers. In fact, some hackers get into other people’s social media accounts or emails through low-tech methods — without the use of complex codes or programs. Hacking is not always so technical.

These are just some of the hacking myths many people still believe. Now that you know the truth, you will not fall into the same traps that they fall into when they think about hacking and hackers.


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