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Worker wearing fluorescent vest

Reflective and Fluorescent Clothing: Providing More Than Safety

The fashion industry has never been short of awe-inspiring moments. Many people definitely took notice when certain elements of safety clothes were on display at the New York Fashion Show in 2018. The Raf Simmons-designed outfits were used to promote personal safety. 

Workers, cyclists, pedestrians, and many other groups of people are vulnerable and are likely to be hurt or even killed, without the use of safety equipment. A review of many accidents reveals that these were frequently caused by an inability to see the victim. Scientists have identified a few factors that can cause poor visibility in workplaces, roads and other places, and have come up with reflective or fluorescent gear as the solutions.

What is Fluorescent Clothing?

For the common person, there is no big difference between fluorescent and reflective clothing. However, people who interact with personal protective equipment know that there is some difference between the two terms. 

Fluorescent clothing is frequently used during the day. UV light causes this type of clothing to fluoresce and glow, and daytime is when UV light is plentiful. Even if there could be some UV light at night, its little amount makes the apparel useless. 

What is reflective apparel?

Did you know that while fluorescent garments work best during the day, reflective clothing is your best bet during the night? The professional term for this type of gear is high-visibility. You will find most of these in construction sites in the form of vests worn by workers. The benefit of reflective clothing is it will reflect to almost any source of light, including common nighttime light sources like street lamps or the headlights of a car. The garment simply redirects the light that falls on it, making its wearer more easily identified. Many designers make sure that the reflective parts are scattered throughout the garment so that approaching traffic can recognize and detect the wearer from any angle.

 Improving Personal Safety

Man and woman worker wearing fluorescent vests

If you ask a safety expert, there is no better option between the two types of safety clothing. In fact, the preferred option would be for any safety garments to have both reflective and fluorescent characteristics, as this increases the overall visibility, no matter the time of day. 

No matter which is selected, reflective and fluorescent garments promote safety. They enhance visibility through recognition and detection, factors that manufacturers of safety clothing from Australia consider in the manufacturing these protective gear.

No worker or road user wants to be at risk, but things are a bit complicated in the absence of safety clothing. Whether you are enjoying your bike ride or going for an evening jog, make safety be your priority. While you may think that you are alert enough to evade an impending collision, you never know when your reflexes will fail you. To avoid unfortunate events, wear the appropriate reflective or fluorescent clothing whenever in risky environments. If you want to learn more about these and other personal safety elements, do not hesitate to contact the experts.

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