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Things About Recycling You May Not Know About

For so many years, we’ve been taught to recycle our everyday items so that we can help protect our environment and prevent waste from piling up on our planet. Unfortunately, some of our practices in recycling have been either proven to be ineffective or even wrong. So to keep our planet clean and safe for the next generations, ask any person from waste management companies in Sydney for their suggestions or read and know more about recycling ideas.

Plastic bags aren’t good for recycling plants

This doesn’t mean that we should stop recycling plastic. It means that we should stop putting plastic bags in those recycling bins that go to recycling factories. According to some waste management plants, plastic bags are often a bane to them because they get stuck in the machines that they use to break down recyclable items. Plastic bags get stuck in the gears. This forces the person in attendance to stop the machine from operating so that someone can get in there and remove all the shredded plastic bags. It takes them a few minutes to a couple of hours to remove all the plastic from the gears. Thus, most waste management plants advise people to stop putting plastic bags into recycling bins and find some other way to reuse them.

Another option is to bring back those plastic bags to the grocery stores because they have the proper equipment for recycling plastic bags. You can also clean your plastic bags and use them again if you’re going out for your groceries.

Plastic jugs, jars, tubs, and bottles are okay, though

empty plastic bottles

But waste management plants say that if you have plastic bottles, jugs, jars, and tubs, it’s okay to put them in their proper recycling bins. Just make sure that they’re empty and that you rinse them properly to prevent rodents and pests from infesting their facilities.

Also, don’t forget to put the lids back on. Most waste management plants prefer getting plastic containers with the lids on because they’re still useful. If you’re about to throw away your peanut butter jar, keep the lid on

Cans and cartons aren’t good for recycling plants, too

Cans and cartons when crushed are just like plastic bags. They can also hamper a waste management plant’s machines from working properly. Instead of throwing those in the recycling bins, find some other way to reuse them. Ask your local recycling plant what you can do with these items.

Syringes are dangerous

Lastly, don’t throw your syringes into the recycling bin. People working at recycling plants have been injured trying to handle these items. They jump right into sorting through the mess with their hands. Although they often wear protective gloves, sharp needles can sometimes still puncture their gear and injure them.

Before you throw away all your trash in their supposed bins, consult your local waste management plants first. Ask them what you can do with each piece of trash that you have to make the recycling process much smoother.

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