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Teach Children to Write Early with These Creative Activities

Writing is an activity or hobby you can introduce early to children. It can spark creativity and possibly lead them to a lifelong love for both writing and reading. However, it can be a bit difficult to teach younger children the necessary skills to write creatively. It’s not that they aren’t creative, but it is more like they need to focus.

This is where you and your activities come in. Several activities make it easier to write and here are some that you can use in your own classroom.

Give Out Prompts

Giving out 1st-grade writing prompts to your students is a good idea. One of the main obstacles that young writers have is that they don’t know what to write about. A specific writing prompt points them in the right direction and gets them started in writing.

There are two types of writing prompts. One asks your students to describe something. For example, a writing prompt could be who their best friend is. This teaches children the basics of descriptive writing. This is simple and it is recommended that you start with this type of prompt.

The other type of writing prompt is more complicated. These are narrative writing prompts. This is when you ask your students to tell a story. For example, the prompt is about their summer vacation and the things they did during the trip. These prompts introduce students to the basics of storytelling and help them learn how to structure a story.

Encourage Journaling

Another way to encourage children to write is to start them on journaling. A daily journal is easy to maintain. This is because all your students need to do is talk about their day. Though it is a bit difficult to get children into the habit at the beginning, once they get into it, they’ll stick to it. Journals are a big help since they allow kids to think about themselves and explore their own mind.

Journaling can also be a big help in improving their reading skills and grammar. Have your students read their journals at the end of the week or on a regular basis. This helps them realize where they should improve and develop their journaling skills.

Teach Writing Skills

little girl writing on her paper with classmates in the background

Prompts are just one part of writing; you are also going to teach your students some writing skills. These can range from developing their own ideas to structuring their narratives. One of the most important skills you’ll want to teach is how to proofread and correct their own work.

These skills can be taught in mini-lessons so that students can immediately use them the next time they write.

Writing is a great activity that your students will find useful. Whether it is to tell a story or to write a report, learning to love and respect writing is important. These simple activities above should light a spark in your students and get them started on a path to at appreciating writing in their life. They can use this skill when they grow up and live their lives as adults.

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