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How You Can Target Couples for Your Marketing Efforts

The wedding market is expected to grow in the coming years, with more couples tying the knot. A 2021 survey by the Wedding Report found that an estimated 2.24 million weddings were planned for 2023. Similarly, the survey also revealed that these couples are expected to spend an average of $24,900 for their big day. This is good news for businesses that cater to couples, as there will be more opportunities to capture market share.

In today’s market, businesses must be smart about targeting their advertising and marketing efforts. Traditional advertising methods, such as print and television ads, are no longer as effective as they once were. Instead, businesses need to focus on targeting specific groups of people with laser-focused precision. That said, here’s how you can target couples for your marketing efforts:

Offer Products for Couples

Selling various items at your store can attract different target audiences. Suppose you want to market to couples specifically. In that case, you can create a promo where you sell everyday items in pairs, such as slippers, mugs, or toothbrushes. You could also offer anniversary or wedding products to them, such as couple rings, wedding giveaways, or home items for newlyweds. This will help to better position your brand as one that caters to couples. For example, a customer walks into your shop to look for an ideal engagement ring they can present to their partner. In this case, you should offer various rings with popular gemstones such as diamonds, amethysts, or sapphires. But among them, diamonds remain to be the most popular. So if you want to get the attention of couples, make sure you can offer diamond-studded eternity rings that they can wear as a symbol of their love. This will appeal to the sentimentality of couples and will help you build a reputation as a business that caters to them.

Find out where Couples Congregate

If you’re looking to target couples with your marketing efforts, it’s important to know where they like to spend their time. For example, research shows that many couples are active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And when it comes to physical locations, popular destinations for couples include beaches, vineyards, and resorts. By knowing where couples like to spend their time, you can more effectively target them with your marketing message.

Create Content that Appeals to Couples

When creating content, make sure it appeals to couples. Regardless if it’s a blog post, social media update, or even an email campaign. This means creating content that is relevant to their interests and needs. For example, suppose you own a business that sells home décor items. In that case, you could create blog posts about “10 Home Décor Items Every Couple Needs” or “How to Spruce Up Your Home on a Budget (Couples Edition).” Creating content relevant to your target audience can help you better connect with them and build strong relationships.

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Maximize Holidays

One way to promote your business is to take advantage of holidays. By offering special promotions or discounts around holidays like Valentine’s Day, you can show couples that you are aware of their relationship and want to help them celebrate it. Additionally, these holidays provide an excellent opportunity to show off your product or service. Offer something unique or particularly well-suited to couples. This can be a great way to get the word out about your business. For example, suppose your business sells personalized jewelry. In that case, you could offer a special Valentine’s Day deal where customers can create custom rings or pendants engraved with their partner’s name. So, take advantage of these holidays to boost your marketing strategy.

Prepare Different Approaches to Different Couples

When marketing to couples, it’s important to further tailor your approach to different couples. Your target audience could be young or old. Or they could also be dating, engaged, or married. For example, newlyweds may be more interested in products that help them to set up their new homes, while married couples with children may be more interested in family-friendly vacation destinations. You could also implement this concept in your marketing materials by using different tones of voice for each situation. For example, if you’re targeting young couples starting out, your tone could be more casual and fun. However, if you’re targeting elderly couples, your message may need to be warmer or inviting. By preparing different approaches to different couples, you will be better able to target them with your marketing efforts.

If you want to effectively market to couples, it’s important to do your research and tailor your content and language accordingly. By following these tips, you can reach out to this important demographic and help grow your business.

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