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self care for entrepreneurs

Easy Self-care for the Busy Entrepreneur

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Just because you’re free from mental disorders doesn’t mean that you’re done taking care of your mental health. That’s the bare minimum. As an entrepreneur, you surely won’t settle for bare-bones. Because you’re juggling a hundred tasks a minute, it might be difficult to pause and breathe now and then. Nonetheless, taking breaks is important not just for your sanity but also for the growth of your business.

While many people think self-care is expensive and time-consuming, there are many ways to take care of yourself without breaking the bank. You’ll find some quick and easy tips for self-care in this article. But before anything else, why should a busy businessperson like you take precious time off to love yourself?

How important is self-care?

You are indeed your own boss, but that doesn’t mean all your worries are solved. Entrepreneurs are not immune to burnout. In fact, entrepreneurs deal with a mix of different anxieties and stressors every day. For instance, you might feel pressured because of the risk of failure, irregular working hours, and reduced social interaction.

Now that a global health crisis is upon us, working at home for extended periods has led to mental health challenges, such as higher stress and anxiety levels. Many businesses also grappled with problems such as declining sales and additional requirements like social distancing and sanitation. These issues, worsened by the pandemic, hit close to home for entrepreneurs around the world.

Self-care involves both mental and physical health. But while many people are aware of how to take care of their physical health, they may not know how to care for their emotional or mental well-being. Celebrating your hustle shouldn’t come at the cost of glorifying your lack of time for rest, relaxation, and other social obligations. The bottom line: entrepreneurs who can’t take care of themselves can’t take care of empires.

How do you do “self-care”?

How do you take care of someone you love? Better yet, how do you take care of your business? Answering that will lead you closer to understanding how you can take care of yourself. In case you need more help, you’ll find a self-care to-do list below.

Make time for yourself

You’re used to planning meetings, purchases, social media management, and other business tasks. Why don’t you squeeze in some me-time while you’re at it? Don’t forget to add sleep to your schedule. Get enough rest so your body can function at its best. Besides sleep time, add time for exercise and creative endeavors. Journaling isn’t a bad idea, either.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for me-time, so stick with activities that make you feel alive. As much as possible, however, avoid unhealthy habits like excessive drinking or smoking. Find healthier, more meaningful ways to unwind. Being active can boost your productivity, so you can try going for a walk or getting into sports, too. In fact, in the beginning, you can experiment with different hobbies and relaxation activities until you find what works for you.

Clear your desk (and your schedule)

Your environment affects not only your mood but also your ability to accomplish tasks. A cluttered desk can either stand for a cluttered mind or pure genius; it depends on whom you ask. But if your desk is filled with unnecessary stuff, it will be hard to find what you need or find a place to work. Beyond your desk, clean your home office regularly. Cleaning can be therapeutic, as long as you don’t wait until dirt and files pile up in your workstation.

Clearing your schedule doesn’t mean canceling appointments to have time for your self-care routine. Take advantage of the latest tools and apps for assigning tasks and monitoring your team’s progress. Even your accounting needs can be solved with software. This will allow you to have more time for your own needs.

Try new things

As more of us work from home, the lines between work and home life get even more blurred. Stray away from your routine once in a while to avoid getting sucked into the monotony. As a businessperson, you need to keep your mind open. When work becomes overwhelming, try going on a social media detox. Talk to your friends, and build a network of like-minded people. New experiences can spark new ideas. Learn a new skill, or attend a webinar. If you want to know more about mental health, you can try counseling courses.

Start your self-care journey today!

Self-care doesn’t need to be expensive, but not investing in self-care can cost you a lot—even your success. So, get started on your self-care routine ASAP.

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