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Saving Lives: Why First Aid Awareness is Important

Life can be unpredictable. Some things happen when you least expect it. These instances can either be a good or a bad surprise. Of course, we would want to experience the former. Unfortunately, we are not exempted with bad surprises, some of which can be life-threatening or even lead to death in worst cases.

That is why we should always be prepared for such situations. We won’t know when these things will happen, but it’s better to be prepared anyway. Fortunately, there are institutions in Merseyside that offer health and safety awareness courses. Some of them offer training on first aid and safety in the workplace and more.

The importance of first aid training

For one thing, first aid is a life skill everyone should learn. It is not an option but rather a must, which means everyone should be familiar with the basic first aid procedures. This basic knowledge may come in handy in case of dire emergencies.

There might also be a time that you have to use this to save a loved one. That is the last thing you want to ever happen, but it is still important to be prepared in unexpected situations whether it’s for a loved one or a random person.

However, there are a lot of people who take first aid training for granted. Some say they are too busy and would rather spend time on other things instead. Meanwhile, some do not know where and how to start until they already forget about it. Some even downplay accidents and even say it won’t happen to them.

But, if you ask others who did undergo training, all of them will say it’s worth their time. Not only it helped gain knowledge on basic first aid, but also helped gain confidence and motivate them to help people in need. It also encourages being more careful and appreciating life as we will only live once.

Man carrying a first aid kit

Basic first aid procedures you need to know

There are many instances where basic first aid procedures may be needed in case of an emergency. Here are some basic life-saving procedures you need to know:

For breathing difficulties, check if the person responds to your touch or when you talk to them. Seek help immediately. While waiting, you can perform CPR for a minute, checking for signs of pulse and breathing every now and then. Continue doing CPR until help arrives.

For bleeding, one must ensure to prevent the flow of blood as soon as possible. Wash small cuts and put Band-Aid immediately to stop blood from flowing. For deeper cuts, add pressure to the wound using a sterile cloth and applying bandage afterward. Medical treatment such as stitching or any minor surgery may also be necessary depending on the gravity of the injury.

There are other emergency situations that might be worse than the above-mentioned instances. This is why you need basic first aid training. Still, you need to contact professional help immediately for proper treatment. You’re no expert after all.

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