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Saving Grace: Helping People from Abusive Partners

People’s ideas of relationships and marriage can sometimes blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Most would envision a dream wedding with the one they love and live in a perfect setting where they can build a home and start a family. While this has been a foundation of many a dream come true, it doesn’t hide the fact that some couples end up on the wrong side of this idea.

Abusive people often victimize those closest to them. We often read about or hear news about husbands or wives hurting their partners physically and emotionally so much that it can have lasting effects. People stuck in this situation need help. If you know someone or you are in this situation, this may guide you in what needs to be done.

Acknowledge that You Need Help

The feeling of love is a complicated thing that often defies reason and logic. That can also blind people from the fact that their partners are exhibiting abusive behavior, such as constantly blowing up their meager mistakes or shouting at them for issues that can be talked about using milder language. It may take some time, but if you notice a significant change and the violence escalates, don’t hesitate to reach out and get some help. If push comes to shove, contact the authorities like the police. This is very important, especially if you have children. If you think that it’s going to come to a divorce, contact an attorney in Denver, CO.

Create an Escape Plan

The worst of abusers will go out of their way to keep you around. It can make a home feel like a prison where you are the convict of things you didn’t necessarily have any accountability for. During these times, be ready to leave at any time you have the chance. Bailing out can be the best way of getting out of the relationship. If you’re married, you should plan for divorce as soon as you get in contact with a lawyer.  They can represent you during court hearings, and your testimony would be valuable leverage. Get in touch with your family members so that you can have somewhere safe to live in while you’re going through this tough time. Separation may be difficult, but if you want to protect yourself, it’s best to walk away and deal with it legally.

Keep Friends and Relatives Close

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At this point, you would also need moral support. Abuse can also come in the form of emotional abuse, which can have even more dangerous side effects compared to physical violence. Having a support group close to you can be uplifting and help you in times when you need shielding against your abuser. The feeling that you’re alone can lead you to think of bad ideas and even encourage tragedies, such as self-harm. Remember that there are people who still love you and mean no harm, such as your close family and friends.

Even though they’re the victim, those who are abused can often blame themselves for it. It’s important that you recognize this view as wrong and that you deserve to be treated accordingly. Know your rights and fight for it. Most importantly, learn how to forgive. Doing this is not giving the abuser a free pass, but instead, it is liberation from your own hate so that you can love more.

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