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How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer for You

One of the most momentous days of your life will most likely be your wedding. It’s only natural that you want tangible mementos to remind you of your big day that will last you a lifetime. That’s why it’s important to choose a photographer who can capture the most poignant and crucial shots that you’ll cherish forever. Here are some important things to consider when shopping around for a wedding photographer and videographer:

Determine your style

Photographers and videographers all have their own style when it comes to their work. Perhaps you want natural, candid shots throughout the day or more traditional photos during significant moments. You should know which one suits you. For videographers, the most basic service is a simple “point-and-shoot” video without any editing. There are also some who do same-day edits with a more cinematic look. Photographers and videographers aren’t usually the same person, so you can get creative with your choices if you want to. For example, you could hire a photographer but then hire commercial drone services in the UK to capture the moment of your wedding from above in an aerial view.

Plan your budget

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If you’re on a budget, there are affordable photographers out there who can offer you a basic package that gets the job done. But if you want great wedding photos, then this is definitely one area you shouldn’t scrimp on. You should save money on your wedding album instead. Rather than printing them out, you can choose to print selected ones only and keep the digital files of the rest which you can still print out at a later date. Wedding video prices depend on how many videographers are required and how much editing will be done. Remember that you get what you pay for, so if you want high-quality shots and videos, then you should set aside a decent amount to cover these costs.

Do your research

Make sure to ask for a sample portfolio from the potential wedding photographer candidates that you want. This will allow you to get a feel of what their style is and if it fits with the rest of your wedding. Don’t forget to ask to see photos and videos that they’ve done for at least one entire wedding. This is so that you can make sure they’re reliable and that their portfolio is a guarantee of the overall quality of their work.

Ask for testimonials

You can always ask your potential photographers or videographers if they can provide you with contact details of other couples that they’ve shot wedding photos and videos for. This will allow you to gather reliable firsthand information about the quality of their work and their professionalism.

Review your contract

A typical contract often states that a photographer or videographer has the rights to own all the photos and videos they took, even if they’re of you. They’ll be able to use them to promote their services either on their website or their social media accounts. You’re probably only going to get watermarked images or videos and if you want to print out the digital photos, you might have to buy the images back. You should always discuss the details and negotiate with the photographer or videographer early on so that there’s no confusion about the ownership of your photographs or videos.

The ideal wedding photographer or videographer can capture beautiful and timeless memories that you’ll cherish forever.

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