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Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities for Students and Teachers

Families around the world have been coping with the evolving challenges brought by the Coronavirus pandemic. People have been struggling for months, especially when dealing with the unforeseen changes and the drastic impact caused by the unexpected situation. This also affected the education industry on a huge scale. Some educational facilities have closed down while students have been forced to stay home and look for alternative learning options. No wonder educational facilities are continuously looking for better ways to support children amidst the pandemic.

Learning Opportunities and Alternatives

Some schools have permanently closed down, while others have been forced to postpone classes temporarily. Others have discovered alternative learning solutions, which allow students to continue their studies at home. Here are some of the remarkable learning opportunities and alternatives that schools are offering to parents and students amidst the pandemic:

  • Online classes

    One of the most popular and sought-after options in distance learning is having online classes or hiring a Singapore home tuition agency. Instead of in-person schooling, teachers and students can push through with their classes while staying home. The challenge here is that involved parties need gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, or personal computers. They also need to use fast and stable internet using mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to provide lessons or attend classes.

  • Self-learning print materials

    Some countries presented another option for distance learning. Instead of online classes, some educational facilities offered to have self-learning print materials for students. This allows students to complete their lessons at home without needing mobile gadgets and an internet connection. This, however, heavily depends on parent support. Students need to be constantly guided by parents, especially if they are still in pre-school or elementary.

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  • Outdoor classrooms

    Another remarkable breakthrough in alternative learning is offering outdoor classrooms for students and teachers. Studies reveal that transmission of the virus is more likely to occur indoors. Thus, coming up with outdoor classrooms is definitely a great idea. However, this process needs training among teachers, students, and even parents. They should be aware of the health protocols and important reminders about the new normal in schools. This includes wearing masks, proper hygiene, and practicing social distancing of at least six feet to minimize the risk of transmission.

Additional Tips to Support Child Learning

Aside from academic lessons, children should also still have time to pursue different hobbies. Even if they are obliged to stay home, they can still find fun and exciting activities. For instance, they can check out if there are open music schools. If not, they can enjoy watching how-to videos on YouTube and other video streaming sites. They can learn how to bake, cook, or de-clutter their rooms. If not, they can consider improving their skills in arts and crafts. There are various options that they can consider. The key is to find activities that will help them further their knowledge and experience. Not only does this help them grow as a person, but it also helps them cope with the fear and stress brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Parents, students, and even teachers experience stress and anxiety brought by the uncertain situations in the education industry. However, with alternative learning solutions, students can continue pursuing their studies. Indeed, there are some remaining challenges in the education industry. However, with the cooperation of everyone, students can still have access to quality education. Pre-schoolers can still enjoy learning at home, and high school students can still enjoy classes with their friends online. College students can still finish their courses and look forward to their commencement ceremonies. The key is to stay positive and continue looking for ways to remain passionate about getting a quality education while prioritizing safety and health at all times.

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