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Office Safety: Four Tips You Can Follow to Make Your Staff Feel Safer

For most people, their workplace is their second home. It’s where they spend most of their day, five days a week. And just like at home, they need to feel not only physically safe and but mentally healthy too.

Keeping an office free of health and safety hazards is a serious matter, and managers need to be on top of their policies to make sure employees’ working environment is safe. But employees have to know too how to keep their workplace safe and protect their mental well-being.

If you want to reduce risks of injury in your office and help your staff learn more about improving the mental health, here are a few things you can do.

Know the danger zones

The first thing you need to determine is where the danger zones in the office are. These are the places where the risks of injury are high, like the stairs which represent fall risks and the toilet area where the chances of slipping are very likely.

To help prevent injury, you need to put up visible signs in or near the areas to call attention to any potential risks. For the stairs, you can also add reflective safety tape for extra measure and make sure the handrails are secured. For the slippery floors, use rubber mats to prevent people from tripping and slipping.

Recognise possible mental health stressors

Managers also need to know how to recognise mental health issues in the workplace. Too much stress or being burned out from work could negatively affect employees’ work and personal relationships.

There are several factors that could exacerbate work-related stress like job insecurity, discrimination or harassment. It would be helpful to conduct regular psychology seminars so that employees would know how to take better care of their mental health.

employees workingRun awareness campaign

Sometimes, employees need a bit of nudging to help them understand workplace safety. Rolling out regular awareness campaign can help drive your point further. You can even make it more fun so your staff don’t see learning about keeping the workplace safe a chore.

You can hold a monthly competition, for example, to see whose work station is the cleanest. This can make employees feel more engaged and have fun at the same time. You can also give out rewards to people who can follow safety policies in the office.

Encourage breaks

Lastly, encourage your employees to take breaks too. Working for an extended time and not taking breaks in-between could easily lead to burnout, which can hurt productivity and morale. Regular breaks can help your staff stay mentally sharp and alert.

You may also want to do after-office activities like group dinners or parties. This can help you and your staff to bond more and build better relationships with each other.

Workplace safety and protecting mental well-being should be everyone’s concern. By promoting and practising the safety and health policies in your office, you can minimise injuries in the workplace and keep your staff feel positive and productive. Try to see how you can further boost your employees’ physical and mental health in the office, the place they call their second home.

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