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Here’s A Fact Check — Houseplants Don’t Do Squat For Indoor Air Quality!

We are big fans of decorating the house not only for design’s sake but also for functionality, making it a lot more bearable to handle the summer heat and also look a lot more pleasant in the process. And if there’s one piece of decor that’s been taking names and occupying homes everywhere, then the title of design king will most definitely fall into the laps of potted plants for being such a famous choice for this summer.

However, far too many people believe that potted plants can drastically improve air quality when, in reality, these houseplants have little to no effect in this regard due to the difference in experimental versus actual environments, according to the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology. And so, today, we’ll be going over reliable and proven ways of improving indoor air quality and all the little details that you can choose to do instead.

So, How Can We Improve Indoor Air Quality This Summer?

While directly improving indoor air quality might sound like a difficult feat that only the Avatar can accomplish, there are actually many simple tricks that you can apply at home to achieve this goal. In fact, if you’re willing to invest a bit of cash as well, you can easily guarantee way better indoor air quality this summer than that of going outside!

Do A Summer Cleaning For Once

Although cleaning around the home this summer might sound like an obvious solution to this problem, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s not particularly famous among many households because everyone holds off any big-mission cleaning for the springtime. Since summer is canonically synonymous with words like vacation, relaxation, and road trips, cleaning the home and fixing things around the house doesn’t get a lot of love as a result.

  • Dust Can Build Up Anywhere: Dust and foreign particles can build up anywhere, and for homes that have carpet flooring and have a lot of rugs lying around, they can cause heaps of problems when left unattended. So we strongly recommend homeowners that find themselves in similar situations to up their vacuuming game because it might just be the one saving grace from inching you over the line of bad air quality.
  • Double Check On Leaks: Summer cleaning also denotes looking around the house for any areas that might need a bit of help, and you should most definitely be double-checking for leakages that might’ve gone under your radar. They might seem harmless at first, but leaks won’t only compromise your home’s structural integrity but also might lead to molds which are a big no-no for good air quality.
  • Keep Pet Fur In Check: Dogs, and all pets for that matter, have taught us many things about life and have also kept us company during the most troublesome times. However, despite their love and care, the fur that covers their body doesn’t bode too well with keeping air quality at optimal condition. As a result, it’s in your best interests to keep them from crashing on the couch for too long and being vigilant in cleaning up after them.

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Improve The Home’s Capacity For Quality Air

Apart from cleaning around the house and using some elbow grease to move stuff around, you can also choose to directly improve the home’s capacity for quality air. Sure, these projects will cost you quite a bit depending on the scale at which you want to install them, but they can also guarantee the indoor air quality the houseplant promised you in the beginning.

  • Upgrade Your HVAC System: Most homeowners hardly even know the situation of their HVAC system nine times out of ten, and, in worst-case scenarios, they might just be a bad day away from a fire hazard. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you get a professional to inspect your air ducts and filters to see if they’re in good condition or in need of an upgrade. A thorough clean or a brand-new upgrade will help airflow much easier around the home.
  • Proper Kitchen Ventilation: We all love to cook, and the summer is famous for being the season of bringing out your best dishes’ to flex on both family and friends. However, the kitchen is easily a big culprit for trapping moisture and keeping particles trapped inside, so installing some proper kitchen ventilation will undoubtedly help with air quality.
  • Understanding The Effects Of Humidity: Homeowners don’t give humidity enough credit for how much it can affect the comfort of a home and how it interplays with good air quality. So, to help you find that sweet spot of balanced indoor humidity levels and healthy air, dehumidifiers and similar gadgets make an excellent investment.

Make Your Summer Comfortable And Manageable

Overall, with the summer heat already keeping our hands tied, the last thing we want to happen is having to worry about indoor air quality as well. So, take the advice mentioned above to heart and make your summer comfortable and manageable because you deserve it!

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