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How to Improve Productivity in Your Workplace

A person’s ability to work and stay focused is dictated mainly by what’s around them. According to the World Health Organization, most people spend a third of their life at work. Improving office morale can be as simple as making small adjustments to the function and appearance of the office. Whether you work in a small room or an open office layout, optimizing the design of the office space can ensure better productivity and lower turnover.

A study on workplace productivity showed that their physical environment determines an employee’s ability to focus. If you work in an office setting, here are a few things you can do to make the most of your space:

  • Rearrange the layout

Consult your employees about the current layout of your office. If your office is like most offices, it probably has an open layout. Over seventy percent of all offices have an open floor plan. Open offices were designed to improve creativity and collaboration.

However, recent studies have shown that an open layout has lead to a steep drop in communication between employees. If you wish to retain your current design, provide private spaces for your employees to use.

  • Invest in lighting

Nobody wants to work in a dreary office. Poor lighting design can lead to overly bright spaces and dark corners, which can lead to fatigue, headaches, and even depression. If your office has lots of windows, open them and let natural light in. Natural lighting can improve the mood in the office and make it seem more welcoming. Replace all blackout curtains with thin ones that let light through.

If windows are few and far between, consider investing in linear LED batten lights. Some LED lights can mimic the properties of natural light, reducing eyestrain.

  • Set aside private spaces

Even the most gregarious of employees need a break from their coworkers. Sometimes, they need to give a project their full focus, or they need to take a private phone call without anyone eavesdropping. Shared private spaces allow employees a break from the noise of the office.

It could also improve employee relationships. Introverted employees might feel stressed out by coworkers who always socialize with them. A bit of quiet time might just be the answer.

  • Let nature in

Green officeAdding plants can go a long way in enlivening the office space. A bit of green here and there provides allows the eyes a break from the bright white lights. It can also improve the quality of air in the room.

Position large plants near entrances and corners and allow employees to bring in small plants to place on their desks.

  • Provide places to sit

One of the better ways to improve productivity is to provide better work chairs and tables for employees and guests. Think about it: I’m sure you’ve found yourself constantly adjusting your chair while working. An ergonomic work chair can help keep employees focused on their work.

Some employees might also enjoy the option of having standing desks. If guests often drop by the office, strategically placing couches or armchairs near places where people congregate can make the place seem warmer and near inviting.

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