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How to Handle a Broken Window Before You Replace It

A cracked or broken window can be caused by various reasons, such as a stray baseball or a falling tree branch during a storm. Whatever the cause, it's almost always unexpected, and you likely wouldn't have spare window panes lying around.   If you come across the misfortune of a cracked or broken window, here's what you need to do:

Call in a professional


When a window cracks or breaks, professional window cleaning and repair services may not be able to come right away, especially if there is a storm in your area. However, you still need to call them as soon as possible to set up an appointment.


If you suspect that a burglar broke the window, call the police immediately. If the police tell you to vacate the premises, follow their instructions.


Take pictures for insurance claims


A broken window as a result of an accident or natural disaster may be covered by your insurance. Before you do anything to repair the damage, take pictures for documentation.


Gather the appropriate tools


Don't attempt to pick up the broken glass without the proper tools. Before you approach a broken window, get a pair of gloves, a broom, a dustpan, and a box or sturdy garbage bag. Make sure you're wearing shoes with thick soles in case you step on any of the shards.


Isolate the area


If you have pets or children in the house, ensure that they are far away as possible from the broken window. If they must walk through the room with the broken window, have them wear shoes.


Clean up broken glass


While wearing protective gloves, carefully pick up the shards and drop them into a box or bin. Keep your forearms covered as well to keep tiny shards from piercing your skin. For the little pieces, use a broom and dustpan to scoop them all up. Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean glass shards–this can damage the inside of your vacuum.


After you clean the broken glass, don't let other people step on the surrounding floor without shoes. Tiny pieces of glass may still be lingering between the floorboards. Don't forget to check underneath nearby furniture as well to see if the glass has ended up there, too.


Remove the remaining glass from the window frame


If there are shards of glass still stuck on the window frame, remove them carefully and put them in the bin as well.


Put tape between the frames


Stretch duct tape or masking tape over the window frame. If the window is cracked but still in one piece, cover the cracks with strips of tape to reinforce it until you can get it replaced.


Cover the window

Installing new windows

To maintain the energy efficiency in your home and to prevent animals or debris from getting inside, cover the window with plywood, cardboard, or thick plastic.


These are the necessary steps you need to take to fix a broken window before the repairman comes in to replace it. Although this method is quite crude, it will keep your house safe until a replacement is possible.

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