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How Technology Changed Lives During the Pandemic

Technology is always progressing for the benefit of everyone. No matter how some people resist the advancement, it is unstoppable and will continue to penetrate every aspect of our lives. Even small businesses are using technology to make their operations more efficient than ever. From hiring audiovisual service providers to help with their office audiovisual systems to moving towards online stores because of the pandemic, businesses have truly adapted to the digital age to serve their customers better.

This year, we have seen a huge change in how business transactions work, so it is worth predicting what trends will continue into the coming year of 2022. Here are some technology trends that we will probably see proliferating because of the pandemic changes.

Online Shopping

Shopping is always fun for casual buyers and is made even more fun by online stores. Online stores eliminate the need to interact with storekeepers and other shoppers, making shopping a breeze. These kinds of stores also help customers to find their needs quicker because of the product and service catalogs optimized by search engines. Bots and artificial intelligence technology are also entering the business sphere to assist shoppers better while browsing online stores.

Customers will have more control in buying stuff. They get the privacy that they want in ordering items. They even get the convenience of sending their purchases to someone else as gifts. Sent right to the person’s doorstep, shopping for items online is here to stay for good.

Contactless Payments and Bookings

Making reservations is one of the dreaded tasks that many consumers hate, but technology made it so easy and a lot safer these days. Online reservations allow people to book rooms, activities, and services many months in advance without having to go anywhere but to their phones to schedule anything. Especially with the pandemic, these booking services help businesses to regulate the number of people to prevent crowds and maintain social distancing while out in public. Not only is it convenient for the customers but also for the companies to manage the transactions better. Contactless payment goes in hand with this as it can ensure that the payments are safely secured, everything is paid for on time, and no physical interaction is required to move funds.

online shopping

Online Customer Service

Customer service has also moved to more digital solutions. Whenever customers have queries or problems about the products or services that a company provides, they can now reach them through various online platforms with just a message or email. No longer do they have to go to the store to talk it over personally. They can even reach the business through audio or video calls to address their inquiries better.

Remote Work

The global move towards working from home was a direct result of the pandemic. Because of the risks that come with interacting physically, businesses had to make their employees work from the comfort of their own homes. The internet proved useful as it enabled many people to keep their jobs while still providing the needs of the customers efficiently. Even now that the virus is slowly being warded off and more people are going back to their offices, working remotely is viable for the next few years to come. The benefits for both the workers and company owners are too good to pass up, so we can expect this trend to continue long after the impacts of the coronavirus are gone.

Social Media Marketing

Lastly, we know how social media is teeming with advertisements for different products and services. We may even wonder how technology seems to know exactly what items to recommend right at the moment when we need them. This kind of marketing strategy is made possible by data collection to create personalized ads. Companies find it easier to let the system send the advertisements to us rather than actively seeking our attention. Social media then became a crucial space for a business to grow.

All of these technology trends are happening because of the growing need for efficiency and comfort. Adding to the safety protocols brought by the onset of the pandemic, people recognize the fact that we can all live in the digital age and make use of all its advantages. Businesses are then compelled to follow the trend that customers buy into. But while technology has its perks, it will always have risks and disadvantages that can impact us in more ways than one. Cybercrime is growing with technology, threatening to damage not only the livelihood of business owners but also the security of every customer on the market. So we should always be vigilant and informed about the technology in our lives to reap all the pros and minimize the cons.

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