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Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Heat Pumps

Whether you are interested in a pool heat pump or you own one, you probably have a few questions about it. Of course, everyone would want to know how long a pool heat pump can last and how it works. That aside, there are a host of questions regarding pool heat pumps that pop up often.

There are a host of factors to consider when determining the size of a heat pump for a pool. Your heat pump should be powerful enough to heat a swimming pool during cold hours. Here are the common questions about pool heat pumps that every homeowner should be aware of.

What Size Suits My Pool?

Pool heat pump specialists recommend 80,000 BTUs for rectangular swimming pools that are less than 14 by 28 feet deep. However, that depth can increase to 18 by 36 feet for a pool with a solar cover. But a pool with over 18 by 36 feet requires at least 100,000 BTUs. Opting for a larger electric pool heater never hurts for someone interested in enjoying their swimming pool even during odd hours. You can opt for 80,000 BTUs for round pools not exceeding 22 feet. But the same heat pump can be applicable for up to 30 feet deep pool as long as it has a solar cover.

How Do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work?

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You can opt for either a rebuilt, refurbished, or new heat pump. But experts warn against starting with a pump that has already been repaired. Sometimes the rebuilt pumps are the same price or pricey than the new ones. Refrain from using a rebuilt or refurbished pump, and instead, opt for a new one unless you have a factory warranty.

Which Brand Suits My Pool?

Some heat pumps are better for specific applications than others. Be sure to speak with a heat pump expert to help you find the best pump.

How Long can a Pump Last?

Though a tough question to answer, some pumps can last for up to two decades. But most pumps tend to last for about 12 years. Gas heaters can have a lifespan of up to seven years. The period that a pump lasts depends on sprinklers, beach, parts of the country, and location. But the quality of the modern pumps is making them last longer than the older models.

Finding the right pool heater can sometimes be confusing, especially for a newbie. There are a couple of questions to ask to find the highest quality pool heater. Of course, everyone would opt for a pool heater from a reliable manufacturer that can guarantee happy pool experiences for their family. Savings on maintenance costs is a crucial consideration as well. Research online or contact professionals in pool heaters for estimates and pool heaters cost comparison.

However, these are not the only questions to ask when considering to install a pool heater. You might need to look at features such as sizing, maintenance cost, durability, and price before purchasing a new swimming pool heater. Only by factoring in all these factors can a homeowner find the best heater for their pool.

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