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Construction Tasks That Can Be Handled By a Dozer

With the current profits in the construction industry, everyone is trooping to this sector to get a share of the returns. Even though you have guaranteed returns immediately after you sign your contract, you should take several steps to minimise your expenses and consequently maximise profits. One way to reduce construction costs is by renting rather than buying the equipment needed for your project. This alternative sees you benefit from the latest innovations in the heavy machine sector while negating the costs of equipment maintenance and storage.

A dumper hire seems like the only thing you will need for your project since you, of course, will be hauling considerable amounts of waste from your site. The best choice to further reduce the expenses of your project, however, is to hire heavy equipment that can handle multiple tasks. One of the most flexible equipment you can choose is a bulldozer; sometimes simply called a dozer. This machine comes with several attachments, including straight, angled, U, and box blades. The following are a few of the tasks you can handle using the bulldozer.


Bulldozer clearing rocks

A dozer can be used for the removal of materials like trees, boulders, and brush. This is generally the initial step on a construction site. It not only makes the site ready for construction but will also increase the strength of the site for your project. Bulldozers can also be used to get rid of the moist topsoil before your road's construction. The primary attachment used for clearing by a bulldozer is a tilted blade since this can efficiently handle rocks and boulders.


This comprises the pushing of materials straight ahead of your dozers blade. The machine’s ripper blade can shift large soil and debris quantities and remove needless organic masses. When using a ripper blade for your dozer, you need not use a separate backhoe for moving the materials. The maximum operating distance of your dozer when drifting primarily depends on your blade's capacity. Medium-sized dozers, for instance, often have a maximum drifting distance of 200-500 feet.


Bulldozer demolishing houses for reconstruction

You can also use the attachments of a dozer to demolish structures before starting your project. The dozers designed for demolition tasks are nonetheless a bit different from others. They come with protected cabs that ensure the falling debris does not injure the dozer's operator. Fortunately, you can use the same dozer to move the debris on your site and clean the area of demolition.

Backfilling and Finishing

A dozer is also used to fill the trenches and holes you have dug up for one reason or another. The best attachment for backfilling is an angle blade. Moreover, it will prove essential for handling finishing tasks like the establishment of drainage and fine grading.

Other than their versatility in handling the above tasks, there are several advantages a dozer will have over most of your heavy machinery. It, for example, can be used in rough terrain without sinking owing to its large tracks. To avert costly downtimes that will extend the finish time for your project, hire the dozer from a rental company that invests in the maintenance of their heavy machines.


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