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Being the Best Provider You Can Be as a Single Parent: Opportunities to Consider

No instruction manual comes with parenting. Even for two people, it’s confusing and challenging to be the best parents for a child. Now, if you are doing all the parenting works alone, there is no denying that it gets even more difficult.

However, whatever the reason is for your being a single parent, your child deserves to be loved fully and supported in all their needs. Your world might revolve entirely around the needs of your child. However, don’t forget that you also have your own needs. You can’t be the best father to your child if you don’t take care of yourself.

At the same time, being a father is not the only role you have to fulfill in your life. Probably the most challenging part of being a single father is balancing your priorities while providing all your child’s needs. Here are three excellent options you can consider:

1. Try Freelancing

The most significant consideration when raising a child is your finances. Of course, if you work full-time, you will rarely have time to spend with your child daily. At the same time, unless you are rich enough to not work, you might have to choose or make some compromises.

If the option is available, you can choose to work remotely so you can be a stay-at-home parent. This way, you are at home all the time, and you can look after your child closely. Especially if they are a toddler who needs a parent to be around all the time.

You can also try freelancing opportunities. If you have a skill in a high-demand field, take that as a go signal to start a freelancing career. Being a freelance worker can afford you a flexible schedule so you can spend more time with your kid.

Most working parents just get to spend time with their kids on weekends or holidays. They don’t even notice how much their kid has grown.

Father and son in a home office

2. Build a Business

You can also choose to pursue a business. A business is also time-demanding, but it can afford you more flexibility than a day job. You can explore a business idea you can do at home or at least close by.

You have to consider the capital and the time you need to open one business. Maybe there are franchise opportunities near you that fit your budget. Unlike other options that you start from scratch, franchising will save you a lot of time and effort. If that idea appeals to you, you can start researching the cost of a restaurant franchise if you think that a food business is what fits you.

You can also look into viable businesses that relate to your passion or expertise.

Suppose you have extensive experience in a field because of your previous job. You can use that to build a consulting business. Technically, all a consultant does is give expert advice. So to start, you won’t need a lot of things—just you and your expertise. Of course, the hard part comes in the form of building your reputation and finding clients who will trust you.

Having your own business can also give you more financial freedom. Using the right tools under your belt can make it possible to succeed in the business field. Having financial freedom will also let you spend your time the way you want.

3. Work Full-time for a Family-friendly Company

Quitting your day job might not be the best solution. Maybe you can stay in your current company. That is if they have policies that are friendly for working parents.

If not, you can look for other companies that have them. Check online websites for company recommendations. Ask around people you know about work opportunities.

If you worked for a company before you became a single parent, maybe talking to your manager about your situation can help. There might be options they can offer you, like working from home or having a more flexible schedule.

If you decide to stay in your full-time job, you have to arrange for childcare. It can get costly, so be ready to set aside a chunk of your monthly budget.

Some More Tips to Help You Out

It would be too simplistic to say that all you need to be is an excellent provider to be considered a good father. Your kid also has other needs. You have to play with them, make them feel like they are not alone. You may have to go through the ordeal of explaining to them why they only have one parent, unlike most kids.

As much as it is emotionally taxing for a kid to be in this kind of situation, it is the same for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from people you trust. It is unhealthy to keep your emotions bottled up and go through your challenging situation alone.

Providing for your family can be taxing, especially in these trying times. But if you take the matter into your own hands and take every opportunity as they come, you’ll be able to live a comfortable your family deserves.

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