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Private Investigation

An Eye on Private Investigation

What is a process server in Staten Island, New York? A process server’s main responsibility is to send court documents, such as writs, summons, and warrants, to the proper recipients. They are all on time pressure, so they need to be delivered on time. When times get challenging and the people involved are hard to find, they employ techniques such as skip tracing to find them. They will pull out all the stops, but these should be all within legal means, of course. Once they are done, they will provide you with confirmation of it.

Some of it may sound like there is a bit of sleuthing around going on. That may be the case, but as far as skip tracing goes, it’s mostly gathering information that is publicly available. This is data that can be viewed by anyone. A simple Internet search would do. But what about more serious cases? What if the information collected in this manner is not enough? That’s going to be within the subject of private investigation.

Private Eye

A private investigator, fondly called by some as a private eye, is an individual who is licensed to carry out an investigation. This is a line of profession or business that qualified people can partake in. They are hired usually for cases involving fraud such as injury claims. Many who pretend to be injured to claim their monetary benefits fall because of private investigators.

private investigator

What Does a PI Do?

A private investigator is licensed to collect information about a person or an entity. Monitoring or observing the other party is acceptable. This means that a PI can watch someone go about their day from a distance. By this policy, they can also observe how a business operates. All the data they collect from this operation is only between themselves, their agencies, and the people they work for. It is not surprising for them to be hired by the police to aid in a case.

The private eye’s actions should also not influence or incite anyone to do anything that will jeopardize the case being worked on. For example, if the case involves a labor union, they must not provide any opinions about the union or the employers. Being neutral is given in this case, but being under the radar is more important.

They can interact with people not directly involved in the case. They have their ways of how to get information. Talking to people around the neighborhood is fair game. As long as the information being supplied is voluntary, that still falls under legal jurisdiction. Recording conversations is not an option as this violates privacy laws.

After all the data has been gathered, they need to create a report about this to be sent to the agency or client. This should be accurate. False reporting of information can result in misdemeanor charges and loss of license.

The private eyes that you usually see in movies or TV are very different from reality. This is a legitimate profession that can also assist law enforcement. There’s a great deal of responsibility in being a private investigator, and this should be appreciated.

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