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Shelves with file folders

Amazing Ideas to Use Pigeon Hole Storages

To keep everything as organized as possible, it is important to use storage systems, whether for home or office purposes. This will save you time and effort from looking everywhere for that stapler that you have misplaced somewhere. One popular storage system commonly used in offices is pigeon-hole storage units. In the UK, there are many home and office stores that sell different kinds of storage units, including pigeon holes.

As the name suggests, this storage system is inspired by pigeon cotes, where these birds tend to nest. The first pigeon holes were made to arrange and sort documents according to its purpose and content. Nowadays, pigeon-hole storages are common in most offices as a way to organize documents and other office-related stuff.

How you can use pigeon hole storage systems

In case you haven’t seen one yet, pigeon-hole systems include shelves that have individualized boxes of different sizes. These individual boxes are meant to store various items, including important documents, letters, and more.

While this storage system is commonly used for storing paper works, there are other ways pigeon holes can be used aside from office purposes. Here are some other ways.

Decorative dividers

There are pigeon-hole storages that have larger spaces to accommodate larger items such as picture frames, vases, and another décor. You can use this shelving system to add aesthetic appeal to any room, whether at home or in the office.

Office knick-knacks

You can also use this shelving system to put your office knick-knacks such as your pens, stapler, scissors, and more. There are smaller pigeon holes that can fit your office desk, while there are others that can be used by an entire department to keep the office clean and organized.

Footwear storage

Pigeon holes are also a great way to organize your footwear collection. You can also see each pair easily and can help lessen clutter instead of storing them in hallways or closet areas. Plus, it can be nicer to look and admire your shoe collection if you can see them more conveniently.


Some parents use pigeon hole storages to keep and organize their kids’ toys. Likewise, “young-at-hearts” can also use these kinds of storage systems to display their own toy collections (e.g., action figures, cars). You can even add color and other designs to make your toy storage area look playful and youthful.

Other tips for better organizing

Here are other ways to utilize your storage space and make your personal or office space more organize and stress-free.

1. Have a folder for each document.

Make sure to have a folder for paperwork and its purpose. For example, you can assign one folder for documents that need to be signed. Assign another folder for important documents and files, and another for other purposes. It will lessen the confusion of looking for hard copies which are most likely almost always misplaced somewhere.

2. Organize your cables.

To avoid messy and tangled cables, use twist ties or cord covers on each cord. This will also avoid the confusion which cable to plug off when a task is already done.

3. Have a desk calendar or corkboard.

Corkboard with post-its
This is where you can put your “to-do lists” so you won’t forget anything as much as possible. It can help you a lot, especially if you tend to forget things.

These are only some simple tips to organize your daily life. There are also different storage systems you can choose from. It will depend on your storage needs, so choose one that will suit your needs best.

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