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3 Effective Ways to Get Hired as an Accountant

Technology has made it possible for businesses to automate almost everything. With modern computer programs, data collection, analysis and algorithms, many of the processes from production and purchase to service delivery or shipping are now automated. They reduce the chances for human error, and give more scope for managers to reduce overheads, and improve output and the bottom line.

Technology is the reason why some people think they no longer need a person to help them with certain tasks in the office. One particular task is accounting. Despite packages available to simplify accountancy, an accountant is still necessary to sign-off on the financial documents and provide guidance on financial issues. If you’re an accountant struggling to promote your services, you could ask help from a company like ScalingYou that specializes in online marketing for accountants and CPA firms. Although many accounting tasks can be digitized, a qualified accountant has several advantages over a computerized accounting program:

1. Humans are better at assessing

Computers may be more efficient than humans when it comes to crunching numbers et al. But, computer programs are only good for the specific tasks they were designed to handle. This means that despite the efficiency of a computer program, it won’t be able to help a company solve financial problems it doesn’t have the capacity to handle.

That is where humans excel over their computerized counterparts. They can assess what a company needs with regard to accounting. No matter how good an accounting computer program is, it still cannot trump a person’s ability to assess a company’s financial situation. Therefore, a computer can’t say what a company needs with regard to accounting.

2. Humans are better at adjusting

Accountant doing financing in the office with a calculator

Another advantage a person has over a computer program is that a person is more flexible and capable of adjusting to every situation. If a computer program cannot resolve a discrepancy it finds in financial records, then it will simply inform the user that it cannot fix the problem.

If a person encounters the same dilemma they can gather more information or look for other solutions to solve that problem. Humans are more capable than computers when it comes to adjusting to different scenarios.

3. Humans are better at forecasting

Being an accountant is more than just making sure that a company’s financial activities are well-documented and beyond reproach. Being an accountant also means you help your client figure out what his financial hurdles are going to be in the future so they can prepare for them.

When it comes to forecasting financial scenarios, humans are much better than computer programs. Humans are better because they have vivid imaginations. So, if your client is mulling over whether a computer program is the best option, remind them that no computer program can trump your ability to imagine various financial situations and propose solutions.

Despite the prevalence of automated programs taking over various office duties, a company still needs someone to take care of its accounting needs. A computer package is a tool that complements your work, not competes against it.

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