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Solar powerplant surrounded by mountains

10 Important Things to Remember When Optimizing a Solar Power Plant

Solar energy comes from the sun, and a solar plant is what turns sunlight into energy forming electricity. Due to global warming, people are now finding ways to convert energy more safely, thus the emergence of solar power plants.

However, some safety procedures must be ensured to keep the plant safe. Optimizing the SCADA systems for your solar PV power plant, for instance, is one of them. Here is what you need to know:

1. This is the first rule to follow strictly: Don’t work in the plant in case of bad weather. Photovoltaic (PV) panels are huge and it might be blown when there are strong winds. It can cause an accident and even damage the PV system.

2. Don’t sit or step on the photovoltaic panels. Doing so might cause breakage or even harm the body through electric shock. Handle the PV panels with care and don’t drop anything on them.

3. For installing a photovoltaic solar panel, make sure that the sheathing is dry to prevent leaks afterward. Installing a PV panel where an ocean or salty water is located is a no-no. It’s prohibited because there are vapors and mist in places near these bodies of water. It can damage them and even cause electric shock. To add, don’t install these panels near corrosive locations.

4. The roof must be sturdy to carry the weight of the panels. It’s also important to secure the PV system into the ground. Doing this will prevent electric shock.

5. Wherever the plant is, always abide by the electric codes in the area. If you’re clueless, contact the authorities. As mentioned, don’t work on the panels or the plant when it is raining or just finished raining. PV systems should never be installed near ‘flammable gases’ because it is a fire hazard.

Solar panels facing upward

6. An opaque material must then be placed to cover the PV panels when wiring. This prevents the production of energy. Incidentally, the area under the panels must be free of any objects. It must be cleaned regularly.

7. Wearing metallic jewelry while working on the PV system is not allowed because it can result in electric shock. You should also wear protective gear before working on the PV system. Never use magnified light or an artificial one on the PV panels.

8. The power tools must be inspected before using them in the installation. It’s advisable to use insulated tool for this job. Aside from not working when it’s raining, you also can’t work on the PV system when there is snow.

9. Make sure the ladders and the scaffolding you’re going to use are in good condition. A second person must hold the ladders while you work to keep safe. Don’t throw things around while working on the PV systems.

10. Avoid water damage to the PV system by using waterproof fittings and duct seals. You can do this on your own, but to be sure, you can also hire an expert.

A solar power plant and installation can be kept safe by following simple rules. Make sure you abide by these instructions to prevent damage on the systems and harm on yourself.

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