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Your Kid Entering Senior High? What Parents Must Consider

  • Research school prospects thoroughly to make the best decision for your child.
  • Identify beneficial courses based on interests and abilities that can lead to future educational opportunities.
  • Consider online schools as they offer personalized learning experiences with a broad range of specialty courses.
  • Save up for tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, and any other related expenses in advance.

Entering senior high school is an exciting time for children and parents alike. It marks a significant transition in the child’s life as they prepare to transition from childhood into adulthood. Senior high school can provide several benefits for children’s development, including opportunities for social and emotional growth, academic advancement, and career preparation.

Social and emotional growth is essential to a child’s development during senior high school. During this time, teens are encouraged to explore their interests and discover new areas where they may excel. This exploration of interests helps them develop critical-thinking skills and build meaningful relationships with peers and teachers who can support their growth. According to research published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), adolescents who engage in activities within school or other peer groups build more vital interpersonal skills, which can increase their self-esteem and sense of purpose later in life.

If you are a parent looking to secure your child’s development, you must focus on selecting the ideal educational path for the child’s senior high experience. Here are a few tips to consider during your selection process:

Research School Prospects

An educational establishment for senior high students

When looking for the best senior high school for your child, it is essential to compare schools carefully to ensure that your child receives the highest quality education. Factors to consider when comparing different schools include academic performance, extracurricular activities, and teacher-to-student ratio.

Academic performance should be a top priority when choosing a school for your child. Looking at how well students are doing regarding grades and standardized testing scores is essential. In addition, reviewing any awards or recognition the school has received can provide insight into its overall academic excellence.

Extracurricular activities can also benefit student development, allowing students to explore their interests and build meaningful relationships with peers and teachers. Comparing extracurricular offerings between schools can help you identify which institution offers more comprehensive activities that suit your child’s needs and interests.

It would be best to consider online schools, which are rapidly becoming famous for their flexibility and convenience. Online schools offer more personalized learning experiences and can provide students with a broader range of specialty courses.

Researching different schools thoroughly is crucial when selecting your child’s best senior high school experience. A careful comparison of each school’s academic performance, extracurricular activities, teacher-to-student ratio, and other factors will help you find the most suitable educational pathway for your child’s needs.

Identify Beneficial Courses

It is essential to identify the courses that can be helpful for your kid in their Senior High School experience. Having a clear idea of the type of education they need can guide them in finding a school or program that offers them the best chance of success.

Academic courses should be chosen based on your child’s interests and abilities. This will ensure that they are studying something they will enjoy learning while still advancing their knowledge in an area that could prove beneficial later in life. Encouraging them to take more challenging classes such as honors or advanced placement (AP) could also open up higher education opportunities such as college scholarships or entry into university programs with higher grade requirements.

Below are four potential careers that students who have taken advantage of beneficial courses during their senior high school experience may pursue:


Medical students typically have a strong foundation after taking science classes during their senior high school years and higher level math classes such as calculus and trigonometry to help better understand medical principles and procedures. Parents should consider looking for an SHS strand to be a doctor and ensure the child is fully prepared to pursue their desired medical career.


Students looking to become engineers should focus on math and science courses during their senior high school years, as these will help them better understand how engineering works. Taking advanced classes such as calculus or physics can also be beneficial, as these provide a valuable introduction to more complex engineering topics.


Most law schools require applicants to take logic and higher-level English classes during their senior high school experience. These courses are essential for helping students learn how to think critically and communicate effectively. Parents should also look for schools that offer legal studies strands so that the child is well equipped with the knowledge they need to pursue a legal career.

Business Professional

Many business professionals gain experience through coursework taken during their senior high school years, such as economics or accounting, which may help qualify them for entry-level roles upon graduation from university programs related to business management or finance. Additionally, taking part in clubs related to finance or entrepreneurship provides hands-on knowledge that can further increase one’s chances of finding success within this field upon entering the workforce professionally after college completion.

Save Up for Tuition

Saving up for child's senior high education

Tuition fees are also essential when preparing for your child’s senior high school experience. Different institutions have varying tuition rates, so it is crucial to create a budget and save up for the cost of enrollment if necessary. Additionally, many schools offer scholarships or financial aid programs that can help reduce the overall cost of attendance.

Most senior high school programs in the Philippines cost around PhP75,000 to over PhP150,000 per school year. Parents should also factor in additional expenses, such as miscellaneous fees for books and supplies. Additionally, depending on the type of school chosen, parents may need to consider transportation costs or meal plan fees if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Entering senior high school is a significant milestone in the life of your child and parents alike. It marks an important transition into adulthood that can provide many benefits, including social and emotional growth opportunities, academic advancement, and career preparation. With these tips, you can decide which school or program suits your child’s unique needs and interests.

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