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What Makes Up a Successful Brand?

Some brands are more successful than others. If you would like to be one of the most well-known businesses in Phoenix and beyond, then you need a brand that stands out. But first, you need to know the components that make up a business brand.

1. Brand Color

One of the most important things to include within a business brand is color. Studies show that it takes 5-7 impressions for people to remember a brand. But if you consistently incorporate color in your branding efforts, brand recognition will go up by 80%. So color is an essential component of a business brand.

When choosing your brand’s color, you need to be careful. Different colors have different meanings. For that reason, the color you choose for your business must reflect your business ideals. And then, you need to use that brand color across the board.

2. Brand name

The name of a brand is a necessary component of your business. How else will people know what to call your business?

Try to find a unique business name. Ensure that it is short and to the point. You want something that is easy to pronounce. Also, make sure that your brand name is catchy.

The right brand name can become so popular that it makes it to the dictionary. An excellent example of a successful brand name is Google. Google is now a verb, and it has earned a place in modern language. It is now synonymous with searching online for information. Now that is branding done really well.

3. Brand slogan

brand slogan

This refers to a statement that defines what your business is all about. It is meant to evoke feelings in a customer. They need to associate it with a memory or experience.

For your branding efforts to be successful, your business needs to have a slogan that is short and catchy. It should also have the “stick-ability” factor. In other words, the slogan should be very memorable. Slogans should also encompass your company mission. An excellent example of a brand slogan is Nike’s “Just do it.”

4. Brand logo/image

Your customers should look at a picture and immediately associate that image with your brand in a positive way. If you don’t have an image associated with your brand, then you need to incorporate it. And one way to do that is using a logo.

Some logos are purely in image form. Others use their names as their visual identity by creatively representing that name with interesting scripts and colors. Coca Cola is an excellent example of this. Research shows that the human brain processes image 60,000 faster than text.

So having an image as part of your overall business identity will help your products stand out or become instantly recognizable among potential and existing clients.

Successful business branding takes work. Understanding the critical brand elements to include is a start. But you might need the services of a Phoenix brand design professional to combine all the elements successfully. So find a creative partner to work with and get started on building an iconic brand for your business.

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