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To Franchise or to Start From Scratch?

Here’s a fact that may not be very easy for everyone to swallow: There are only a very few number of people who have the natural ability and necessary skills to become a successful business owner. Managing a business isn’t just about hard work, after all.

As difficult as it may be to accept, sometimes it’s more about luck. But, even if you don’t have the business acumen to be the next big thing in the entrepreneurial world, there’s a different path you can take that may just be the right fit for you: franchising.

Successful franchise organizations are able to offer a concrete structure for anyone who wants to venture into business, which includes the launch, operations, and growth. They can provide an entire framework for anyone interested, which details the business’ principles and how it is built.

Top franchisors understand the importance of creating comprehensive business operations manuals that their franchise owners can use as a reference, including marketing, technology, accounting, operations, and other vital areas specific to the business model.

Whether it’s franchising small soft pretzel shops in the food and beverage industry or a fashion boutique in the clothing business, these details allow franchise owners to make profits with less time and effort compared to when they have to start from scratch.

A Worthwhile Collaboration

A well-designed franchise organization model allows franchisees to expand under a shared brand, which means they can benefit from a more significant, already established business owners. Each business still operates independently, however, and has its own management.

But, as a franchise, they will be able to enjoy collaborative benefits from the “mother company.” Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Operational training provided for by successful business owners.
  • Effective large-scale advertising resources that aren’t usually accessible to smaller, independent business owners.
  • A significantly lower risk of business failure and loss of investments, which are common from self-established businesses.
  • Access to high-quality products and services that you can sell, which are challenging to acquire due to higher operational costs and unmotivated employees.
  • The freedom to fully own and manage a system with the guidance of an experienced business enterprise.
  • The advantages of having already established and proven service marks, proprietary information, business trademarks, patents and designs.
  • An opportunity to be part of a uniform business operation; all franchises will share the exact same appearances in terms of both the interiors and exteriors, the same product quality and services, and already existing customer brand awareness.
  • A chance to improve your management abilities within the comforts an established business model, which isn’t normally available in most employment situations.

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According to research spearheaded by the government, the recent years have shown a steady increase in the success rate of franchised businesses compared to non-franchised ones. This shows that franchising is responsible for a significant portion of the national economy, making it a more preferred model than other available business options.

If you’ve finally decided to give franchising a try, make sure to evaluate all your options carefully and look into their future developmental plans.

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