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The Art of Generating Leads

Marketing is an important component of a business strategy. That is all about establishing a presence. Spreading awareness about your products or services gives you a great chance of gaining customers. For those that are on the fence or showed interest, they can remain in your records as leads. Although you did not net them during your campaign, it is still good to maintain a connection because they still are potential sources of revenue.woman with laptop and coffee

You may win some or lose some, but you should always take lead generation seriously. They may not convert to a sale just yet, but getting people hooked is already a milestone in itself. Doing that is not an easy task, so you have to be creative in luring the interested parties out there.

Paper is Still Viable

Even though billions of people get most of their information from their computers and mobile phones via the internet, there is a good number of people who still read print media. Newspapers and magazines serve a niche audience where they are more likely to interact with your promotional material. You may have fewer pairs of eyes watching you here, but you will get a higher engagement rate.

Another way for you to generate leads on paper is by using direct mail solutions or services. You have much more freedom here when it comes to providing them the information. You can opt to send your target reader an extensive catalog of your offerings. That should have them spend a lot of time browsing through the different products and hopefully find something that they fancy. They should have a form that they can fill out with their personal information that they can mail back to you, or you can reference your website within the pages of the catalog. Either way, it is important that they know a means to reach you so you can add them to your leads database.

Social Skills

Doing business in person is a great way to establish a relationship. There are people who like to judge characters by the way they behave and carry themselves in public. This would actually be an advantage for you because it provides you more avenues to make an impression. No one can see how bright your smile is or feel your confident handshake over the phone or over the internet. Out there you can also show them your sense of style, which can intensify your magnetic personality.

There are many venues where you can use your social skills to generate leads. Attending expos, trade shows, and speaking engagements will allow you to meet and greet people who can potentially be your clients in the future. This is where you can showcase your offerings by doing demos of the products themselves, and that can help them make quicker decisions on whether they want to be your customer or not.

If ever you are unable to close a deal or a sale, you can hand them over your contact information. They will likely see that as a gesture of goodwill. Having your personal touch makes it a memorable experience for them. You should hope that you made a good enough impression for them to remember to get in touch with you in the future.

Master the Online Space

woman with laptop and coffee

The internet has changed the way people do things. There are now virtual versions of activities like shopping and holding meeting conferences. It is also home to a sea of information that you can access right at your fingertips, giving you answers to whatever question you have in your head.

The explosion of social media has made the internet an immense resource of contacts. People post about their interests all the time, and this can be a good way to pick out your targets. There are also groups that are made that discuss common topics, which can be an avenue for you to plant your seeds of information. Referrals can spread like wildfire, and this could give you a good number of leads in a short period.

Creativity Pays

When it comes to getting leads, you can be as creative as you want. There are methods that cast a wide net over a group of people, but sometimes you need to treat catching them on an individual basis. This is especially true for those who seem to be on the fence or undecided if they want to connect with you or not. These are people who you need to reach out to and give your personal touch when it comes to presenting your offerings.

You can engage them in a more intimate conversation, where you can show that you mean more than just selling them a product that they need. Some of them are willing to talk but may not have the time to do that, so you can explore other avenues to get your message across like emails and chatting online. Or you can just plain ask their time preferences and be flexible around that, even if it means you have to speak outside your working hours or on weekends or holidays.

Your goal in getting leads is for you to establish a connection, with the potential of closing a deal in the future. There are conventional ways you can do that, and there are unorthodox methods too. You should do all you can to nab those because you never know when or where a great business relationship would blossom.

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