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The Best Practices to Retain International Customers

Through the power of technology, we are given the chance to work with others, even through long distances. The internet has been both a blessing and a curse. In many ways, we are both connected and separated from each other. For example, offices are no longer the norm for workspaces. Many businesses built to support mainstream offices will slowly taper off eventually. On the flip side, our carbon footprint will decrease, benefiting the environment. Fewer commutes will mean less need for fossil fuel-powered rides. In general, people are happier with a work-from-home setup, as they can spend less. For many, the perceived benefits outweigh the disadvantages. However, as socializing became even more limited than before, a growing number of people are now opening their eyes to the loneliness of working from home.

Business trends have shifted to another field. While thousands of businesses have shut down, new ones have sprung up even at the height of the pandemic. All businesses that are mainly online are beginning to ramp up. Flexible corporations are adapting to the new normal as well. As the demand continues to shift and previous work practices are discarded, the economy is finding new footing in online businesses. Despite the market crash caused by the pandemic, small online ventures are thriving.

Even small business ventures are beginning to get short-term international partners from different parts of the globe. Through the power of the internet, a client from Romania can ask for any type of online service from a partner residing in Malaysia. It has become easier to talk and deal with someone from behind a small laptop.

As the new way of doing business ramps its way up to success, the question worth asking the most is this: how do we retain our international customers? What are the best practices we can implement to retain our clients?


In any type of business, it is important that we are transparent with our clients. Doing online work is no exception. Customers demand transparency from businesses. This way, they can gauge whether a company is reliable and credible. International clients are not to blame if they lose confidence in the company. The online field, and the internet in general, is full of scammers and fraudulent people. Some are making a living off people who are vulnerable enough to trust. Scamming is, unfortunately, very common online. By being transparent about your processes and methods, you open yourself up in an initially one-way street with your international and foreign clients. Let them learn to trust you by being the first one to make the move. Transparency is integral in any business. By becoming transparent with your product, you assure your clients that the money they are spending on you is well-earned and worth it.

Honesty and Fairness

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Being honest and fair about your asking rates and your standards is vital to retain your clients further. Your product and your rates go hand in hand. There is no shame in increasing the prices of your services. It is a well-known fact that higher prices often make your services more desirable to acquire. Often, only the best service providers can raise their rates. The higher the perceived value for a product, the higher one can price their service. Higher prices often connote impressive service standards. It is an indication that your product has higher quality. You are allowed to be fair to yourself. Being honest about your pricing and why it is that way is integral for your growth as a business venture.

Quality Assurance

To retain your customers, the quality of your service must be up to par. When people are accepted in a country to be part of the workforce, they take RPL training courses to prove that they are well equipped with the skills they need to work. This increases the country’s and the companies’ confidence in their competence. This same logic can be applied to your status with your clients. Your international clients must be able to trust and accept your standards. Whatever type of documentation you have might not matter to them. Recognition of the training and experience you have through your output is the only way you can get them to trust you. Quality assurance must be of international quality to retain more foreign customers.

Globalization has changed the way people conduct business. Similar to traditional businesses, however, retaining a customer is surprisingly just as difficult. The landscape for attracting customers through online means is an entirely different ballpark. However, by working on these practices, you get a better chance to acquire and retain the clients you are targeting.

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