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Marketing: Do Raffles and Giveaways Still Draw in Customers?

Traditional marketing strategies of holding raffles and giveaways can attract plenty of attention and create fanfare that you can use to get media, making it one of the most popular and efficient marketing strategies today—despite online marketing taking over. After all, everyone loves the idea of getting something for nothing.

The net effect of raggles and giveaways is that it makes your brand memorable, piquing their interests and leaving them curious for more.

Here’s how you can make the most out of raffles and giveaways.

Choose a Prize Relevant to Your Business’s Brand

It’s crucial to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to giveaways and raffle entries. After all, the aim is to draw people to your band who will likely buy your goods and services. So, make the prizes relevant to your business’s brand for the best results. Choosing big prizes that sound trendy and valuable while sticking to your brand’s services or products, like customized Insta-graphic system engraved tools or traditional cash, may mean more entries and followers.

You’ll need to get creative if you think your general product lines and services aren’t the most enticing. For instance, if you sell cleaning supplies, conduct raffles and giveaways with household cleaning supplies with a year of free house cleaning services. When participants win a prize associated with your brand, they’re likely to share their winnings on social media platforms, allowing you to attract your possible target audience.

Diversify Prizes

Offering more than one of a particular prize makes the giveaway or raffle less appealing, as individuals will likely think that their odds of winning are low. Plus, consumers won’t correctly evaluate the value of prizes when there is over one available. However, an excellent approach is to diversify your giveaways and raffles. That’s because when you offer different awards at various levels, consumers will likely feel like they have a higher chance of winning something.

If you plan on giving away more than one prize per contest, consider offering these rewards in tiers, like first to third place prizes. An efficient way you can do this is by giving users the option to pick the awards, allowing you to display a couple of them at various value levels, like coupons or gift cards—and people can select one to enter. Collecting these pieces of information allows for seamless email list segmentation or building a new one.


Seasonally Time Prizes

Revolving your prizes around a particular season is a fantastic way of tying in a promotion theme, attracting new users to your website or social media profiles. For instance, during the initial weeks of February, giving away a jewelry piece or an all-expense paid dinner for two tend to be more appealing thanks to their seasonal relevance. Taking advantage of holidays and well-known events to your prizes enable you to be more creative with how you choose to promote giveaways and raffles.

Encourage and Reward User-Generated Content

Raffles and giveaways requiring participation from people mean that you get to have something in return—valuable data. So, besides providing appealing prizes, make sure to make a campaign that takes advantage of user-generated content (UGC), giving rewards to winners generating the most engagement. Through different awards, you can encourage your audience to help build your business and deliver value to your visitors.

So, consider UGC carefully as search result engines favor them more than user content, letting you appear on the top of the search results, giving your brand better exposure while turning passive participants into active ones.

Provide Excellent User Experience

Should you wish to give away a large prize like cash or an item with a significant value like an expensive car. Besides investing thousands of dollars—you should also dedicate some of your time to making your giveaway or raffle as appealing and user-friendly as possible. After all, no matter how grand your prize may be, users won’t likely participate if the promotion is challenging to use or find.

You can test out the campaign and make it omnichannel to make it available to more than one site, ensuring maximum visibility. Research about the legality of your prizes and what winning means for your business and winners is crucial. That’s because it can be frustrating for both parties when winnings cause more stress for the winner and vice versa.

Although technology has paved different ways for more convenient and cost-efficient marketing strategies, traditional raffles and giveaways are still some of the most efficient marketing techniques today. A well-thought-out prize is the nexus of successful giveaways and raffles—and the ideas mentioned can help you find the best ones to engage with the audience more and expand your reach.

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