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London Is Falling into a Rabbit Hole of Criminality

Crime and stabbings are at an all-time high in London, but you better have good lawyers if you want to criticize it. Immigrants and non-white individuals are mostly behind these knife crimes, but pointing that out can be considered a hate crime.

London’s Overly PC Police

Being too politically correct (PC) is destroying the credibility of the Metropolitan Police (Met). PC culture is so prevalent that the Met is not allowed to divulge the race of perpetrators or release demographics on crime as it could inflame violence against minorities. Minorities — especially those practising the Muslim faith — are treated as a protected class.

The Met tackles cases involving these people with utmost sensitivity, and a person reporting on that crime — or in one case posting a crime on the Internet — can be penalized for inciting hate or putting others in jeopardy. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, more popularly known as Tommy Robinson, earned the ire of the government for continually exposing Muslim crimes and was subsequently jailed for mentioning the names of defendants in an ongoing trial. These names were not hidden and by then, and the defendant’s names were publicly known. Still, Tommy Robinson was subject to harassment from the police before he was ultimately sent to prison.

Policing the How but Not Who

London is a place where who commits the crime is not as important as how the crime is committed. A suspected Muslim terrorist rams pedestrians and cyclists outside parliament, and instead of tackling radical Islam, London Mayor Sadiq Khan bans cars. Instead of combating the rise of knife crimes due to gang violence, he bans knives.

This focus on the method of crimes instead of the actual perpetrators is leading to a downward spiral that can result in more bans on everyday objects. What’s next on the list? Clubs? Hammers? Screwdrivers? Forks? There might come a time when clenching your hand into a fist will be banned in the streets of London.

The Police Have Become the PC Police

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Instead of policing important matters like stabbing incidents and acid attacks, UK police are going after what they believe as hate crimes. The UK hate crime laws are particularly troublesome, with one individual charged for teaching a dog to do a Nazi salute.

In the UK, you can be charged with a hate crime if you make fun or criticize the protected group of minorities and LGBTQ individuals. This group has more protection than the Queen herself. Sharing a joke involving these individuals will have the police knocking on your doorsteps. In fact, a 74-year-old feminist warranted a visit from the police over a blog post that criticized transgender ideologies. 38-year old Kate Scottow was arrested in front of her children and detained for using masculine pronouns to refer to a transgender woman.

London has fallen, and the anarchists have won. If only the police put as much effort into tackling real crimes as they do thought crimes — then the streets will be a lot safer.

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