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Logistics Industry: How to Find Efficient Workers

The number of jobs that have opened in the logistics industry is rising. Aside from the structural shift to eCommerce, consumers are now spending a lot more than before. Companies are still finding it challenging to get the workers that they need. Some even suggest expanding their recruitment reach by hiring more ex-offenders to be a part of their workforce. Most of the applicants are in areas that are too far from their establishments.

The Logistics Industry Needs Workers

Trade groups such as the American Trucking Association are also feeling the pressure of hiring more workers. A study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that to make the job more attractive, companies must consider raising the pay and hours of their employees. However, increasing their wage is difficult. Most trucking companies generate only low profit, which can put them at risk if they push with the raise.

Although it seems like a great idea, trucking companies can’t afford to give their drivers a raise to get the number of employees that they need. But they can still do a lot more to make their employees feel better. One way to do it is by compensating them every time they load and unload items or if they have to extend their working hours. Companies should also pay for all the extra miles that they have to drive to do their job. Although it is not an increase that most experts suggest, it is still an excellent opportunity for them to earn extra.

Hiring Competent Employees

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Although logistics companies are short on people, it should not stop them from hiring qualified employees. After all, a competent workforce is the core of every successful business. Without them, no one would handle the daily tasks and other responsibilities needed for a company to thrive. Knowing how to implement an effective recruitment process is a must for a company’s success. As a business owner, you can start by reviewing the company practices. Ensure that your company focuses on competency. In logistics recruiting, image is everything. Hence, your marketing campaigns should reflect the company’s professionalism.

You should also limit your ad campaigns on professional outlets. Candidates will do everything that it takes to get recognized. They will often show up at job fairs and even try to speak with employers to get their attention. It is best to get your guards up and sift through the resumes that you will get. You will receive hundreds of resumes for one job vacancy alone. Take the time to read through each of them and dismiss candidates that do not match the criteria for the job post. Once you have selected a few potential candidates, you can now conduct the interview and see which one will fit the role.

Hiring competent employees is a challenge. But you should never stop aiming to get only the most qualified employees for the job roles. Remember that employees are the central system of any functioning organization. Therefore, it is best to get the best ones in the pool. Doing so can guarantee the quality of work that they do.

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