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Keeping the Workplace Safe in the Time of Covid-19

Long before the coronavirus came and changed the way people lived and worked, workplace safety was already a major concern for businesses worldwide. In the United States, nearly 900,000 nonfatal workplace illnesses and injuries resulted in absences among employees.

Even though most of these incidents involved labor-intensive professions, other professions, including registered nurses, retail salespersons, and nursing assistants, also had high incidence rates of workplace injuries. And with the onset of Covid-19, safety at the workplace has become uncertain.

But business can still work on making the workplace safe and secure for both employees and customers. Here are some measures businesses can implement to ensure the workplace is safe and secure.

Clean the Workplace Properly

Businesses should clean up the workplace properly. Accidents typically happen in messy workplaces. And with the coronavirus posing a threat to health, the importance of keeping a workplace clean and tidy has become more pronounced.

A business may have its own in-house janitorial services. Still, they may not have the necessary equipment to meet the guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor to prepare workplaces for Covid-19.

But businesses have the option of getting the services of a commercial cleaning company. These companies typically have the equipment and chemicals needed to tidy up the workplace and ensure safety.

Train Employees of Workplace Safety

Cleaning the workplace is just part of the process of keeping it safe and secure. It is also important to train employees about workplace safety. They should know what they should do to avoid getting injured while at work.

Additionally, businesses should ensure the employees know the risk of Covid-19 transmission in the workplace. Armed with this knowledge, they can follow the business’s measures to reduce the risk of transmission.

Use Signs and Labels

Since it’s challenging to remember all the measures designed to keep a workplace safe, businesses should use signs and labels to remind the employees. Using signs and labels is an affordable way of communicating important information to the employees and customers.

The signs and labels should be simple and should contain images. These images can show potential hazardous areas in the workplace and provide the proper procedures in doing things. These are tools that even experienced employees may need to remind them how they can keep the workplace safe and secure.

Work with Occupational Clinicians

medical care

Businesses can also work with occupational and environmental medical clinicians to identify areas where workplace safety is at risk. They work in preventing occupational injuries and promote the health of the employees.

In the past, these professionals only reacted to injuries and other health-related concerns in the workplace. But this changed as the profession focused on prevention rather than cure. They are also important liaisons between the business, employees, and the government. Moreover, these professionals work on all transactional activities related to health in the workplace.

Have Regular Meetings

Businesses should schedule regular meetings with employees as part of their protocol in preventing workplace accidents. These meetings can discuss new safety rules and remind employees about other rules that may have been overlooked.

The meetings can prevent complacency among the employees. Without these meetings, the employees may neglect to observe some rules designed to keep them safe. Moreover, the meeting can also serve as a venue for employees to provide feedback about the business’s rules and procedures.

Listen to the Employees

Aside from implementing rules and procedures, businesses should also listen to the feedback of employees. They may have suggestions and recommendations for improving these rules and procedures. Due to this, businesses should also make it easy for employees to express their health and safety concerns.

Business owners and employees must work together to keep the workplace safe and secure, especially during these trying times.

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