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How to Keep Burglars Away from Your Property

No one wants to come home to a burglary. It can be a traumatic experience, and it’s also very frustrating to lose your possessions. But you can avoid this from ever happening. There are ways you can keep burglars away from your property, even when you’re not there. Here are some tips and why you should follow them:

1. Keep your property in view

Burglars don’t just go around looking for random targets. They may have a house in mind, so they’ll check out the neighborhood and look for homes that either have no surveillance cameras or, if there are any visible, they’re not working. Make sure you always clean up around your home and keep it in a light area. If people can see what you’ve got from outside of your property, they’re going to think twice about breaking into it.

2. Don’t let them know when you’re away from home

If burglars find out that you’re not at home all day, they will be more likely to go after your property because they know there won’t be anybody inside. Make sure to always post a sign on your door that states when you’ll be home. If it looks like someone’s there at all times, they won’t want to take the risk of breaking into your property.

3. Install security cameras

Many burglars consider this a good deterrent because most would rather not get caught by the camera and possibly be identified later on. But it’s also an advantage for you if a burglary does occur because it provides evidence for law enforcement agencies to help with their investigation against the criminals who committed the crime. Some companies even offer affordable packages where they can monitor your house constantly with 24-hour surveillance, or you can link up to their cloud service so that they can upload videos from your security cameras whenever there’s a triggered event.

4. Get a home security system

This is one of the most effective ways to keep burglars away from your property. Not only will it notify you and the authorities when someone breaks in, but it will also scare off burglars because they know that the house is protected. You can choose from different types of systems, depending on your needs and budget, and some companies even have packages that include home insurance.

5. Keep your windows and doors locked

locking front door

It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but many people forget to lock their windows and doors, especially when they’re just going out for a few minutes. Make sure to always double-check that everything is locked before you leave, and use a quality lock that can’t be easily tampered with.

6. Install window security screens

Home window security screens are a good deterrent because they make it difficult for burglars to break into your property. They come in different sizes and styles to suit your needs. Contact your local security screen installation service to help you with this home security project.

7. Get a dog

Dogs are a great way to keep burglars away from your property. Not only do they bark and make noise, but their presence alone can be enough to scare burglars off. If you don’t have the time or space for a dog, you can also get a burglar alarm that will sound whenever someone breaks into your house.

8. Keep your landscaping in check

Burglars often case neighborhoods before they choose a target. They’ll look for homes where they can easily get in and out. Make sure that your backyard is well-lit and kept up, and don’t let bushes grow so tall so that they’ll have a harder time hiding from your security cameras.

9. Be aware of suspicious people

If you see someone who’s wandering around the neighborhood more often than usual or has been seen on surveillance footage trying to peer into windows or checking if doors are locked, report them immediately to the police. If it turns out they’re just a new neighbor looking for a friend on Facebook, then no harm done. But if they’re casing houses, then at least you know about it early on before anything bad happens.

10. Protect your valuables

While burglars usually go after items that are easy to carry and can be sold quickly, they will still take your valuable possessions if they have the opportunity. Make sure to keep your jewelry, important documents, and other valuables in a safe place where burglars won’t be able to find them. And if you’re going on vacation, make sure to put all of your valuables in a safe deposit box or have a friend or family member watch them for you.

Burglars can be very sneaky, but you can make sure that your home is safe and protected from them if you take the necessary precautions. Follow these tips to help keep them away from your property.

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