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ISO Certifications: Three Ways the Standard Saved Humanity in COVID-19 Times

Ever had any of your home appliances develop fault just after months of buying them? Many people keep asking the question, how long should they last before a need for repair? The truth is many of us have had to deal with substandard products one time or the other.

It could be a simple product like a cup holder. Or it could be as big as your washing machine. For this reason, customers have become particular about the quality of the products they buy. This is why people for the longest time ISO certifications allow us to rest easy our products are worth having for good.

You could say ISO certifications are a godsend. To boot, ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. And this is a non-governmental body that provides standards all around the world that different industries should adhere to. Starting in 1947, ISO has grown to include over 160 countries.

Indeed, if there’s one thing that would help deliver the quality we need in COVID-19 times, ISO would highly-likely be top of that list. Here’s how:

Promotes Safety

One of the most important ways the standard helps is by promoting safety standards. Can you imagine if all the products we ever bought are unsafe for use? By now, our houses would most likely have caught fire from faulty products.

A classic example is the multi-billionaire Elon Musk and his space endeavors. You might wonder how such a gigantic endeavor can be undertaken. The truth is there are lots of considerations. However, know that ISO plays a huge role in space travel too. PCBs used in the aerospace industry have to be ISO certified to ensure rockets and all the electronics are up to the task.

For one, AS 100 printed circuit boards (PCBs) are central to the success of space exploration endeavors. The sum is only as good as its parts. Thus, having such quality-certified electronic assemblies is an assurance that things go as planned. And spaceships don’t go kaboom!

The same holds true for COVID-19 times. Safety in times like this cannot be overemphasized. And thankfully, with safety standards put in place, we can use products confidently. We don’t have to worry about them causing us harm or even getting damaged.

A classic example is the medical devices we use to treat patients during the pandemic. With ISO standards factored in, quality medical equipment help patients deal with their issues safely and quickly.

Also, talk about access to some of the best safety practices internationally recognized. This gives your company an edge over many other companies out there. And it also helps customers trust your company and your products a lot more. With this, you get to not only keep customers but also have new customers.

Improves Productivity

Another benefit that comes with certifications is improved productivity. In times like this, being consistent with production can be an uphill climb. That’s especially true if customers are not patronizing as they should be.

But you can turn things around with improved productivity. When you adhere to an ISO standard, rules help you shape a better product. In effect, you have a guide to follow so you meet the requirements. Plus, with ISO there is proper documentation of the whole production process. So all in all, you get consistency. And you get quality.

When there is a clear-cut direction as to where the company is going, production is way easier. It also helps the company measure progress and the distance to get to the goal. It follows then that the company would know when there is a need for improvement in business strategy.

Moreover, this also gives workers the motivation to work. They know where the company is headed and how to get there. With all this, the business would be booming.

With increased productivity in manufacturing, you ensure the needs of consumers are met. For one, as quickly as supplies for tissue paper dries up, stocks are delivered.

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Ensures Quality Consistency

One of the main reasons for sticking to a standard is for quality assurance. The quality of a product is very pivotal as to the response of customers to that product. If the quality is great, then expect a good response. If on the other hand, the quality is poor then expect a bad response. That’s why the quality of your products must be top-notch.

Take note that quality consistency is very important. And this is something that can be achieved when standards are in place. With the help of standards, there is not only quality assurance but quality consistency. The process is reproducible and predictable. This makes it easy for the whole process to be easily replicated.

When providing products to your customers, your customers should be on your mind. Customer satisfaction equals increased revenue. With that, you cannot run out of business. That’s why opting for ISO certifications is a sure win. As a result, your customers are more than happy to buy your brand.

Definitely, certifications are a tall order. But the results say it all. ISO certified management systems ensure only quality products arrive in front of a consumer’s door. Products like your smart TV and your laptop and PC are just some examples. Imagine the pandemic without these.

When you allow customers only the best, you give them a better chance of coming out of the pandemic all in one piece. With a smile.

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