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How VOIP Phone Service Can Help Businesses and Homeowners

Over the years, phone service has evolved into various forms. There were phones with rotary dials and then ones with keypads appeared in the market. A few years later, companies came up with handheld phones, which revolutionized the way we communicate with each other.

These handheld phones also evolved into what we now have. Modern phones are not only communication tools but also provided entertainment and connected people from all over the world.

There is also one called a residential VOIP phone service wherein it connects your calls to the internet instead of your usual phone service provider.

What is VOIP?

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is connected through the internet instead of the usual phone service providers. That said, you should have an excellent internet connection so you can use the VOIP function with ease.

Unlike the usual phone companies, VOIP offers lower rates, which makes it an ideal option for both residential and business purposes. On the slight flip side, some VOIP services do not have standard phone services such as 911 and other directory listings. Nonetheless, VOIP service providers continue to develop their services for their customers in all industries.

Benefits of VOIP

There are many reasons homeowners should get a VOIP phone service. Here are some of them.

Low cost

As mentioned, VOIP services have lower rates than traditional phone service providers. More often than not, the latter’s pricing is largely affected as they are either government-owned or run by private owners.

Users can also save money when using VOIP services — some are even offered for free. You will only pay for your usual Internet service. Among popular free VOIP services include Skype and Free World Dial up. On the other hand, traditional phone services have higher rates — even higher if it is an international call.

It makes calls more convenient and functional. You cannot use your traditional phone line if it is down or under maintenance. With VOIP, incoming calls will be rerouted automatically as long as you plug it into the internet.

As long as your phone has a good internet connection, you can easily connect your calls using VOIP anytime and anywhere you are. Most call center companies prefer using VOIP phones to connect to customers. These companies invest on excellent internet service to ensure quality service provided by VOIP phones.

Connecting to a VOIP service

There are ways to connect to a VOIP phone service. One way is through an analog telephone adapter (ATA). It is a device which connects a phone to a computer and to the internet.

Another way is by using IP phones. It resembles a traditional phone complete with dial buttons, a handset, and a cradle. But the difference is that IP phones have an Ethernet connector and connects directly to the router.

Lastly, perhaps the more popular one — at least in a residential setting — is via computer to computer connection. One example of this is by using Skype and Facebook Messenger. In this case, you will only need a strong internet connection, sound card, microphone, and speakers to speak with another person elsewhere.

VOIP phone service is a great addition both for residential and commercial purposes. You can use it for free as long as it has a fast internet connection. It will make communications easier, cheaper, and more worthwhile.

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