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How to Use Your Location to Boost Online Sales

Your store might not be in the best location physically, but with a strong online presence, you can still increase your profit. Let’s look at three great ways you can maximize your location to increase your sales.

1. Make Your Location Visible on Online Directories

Your business should be listed on as many online business directories as possible. For every listing on an online directory, you’ll have a new listing on Google.
For starters, create a page for your shop on Google Business. The address you list here will reflect on Google Maps. Consider adding the virtual tour feature to give your customers an idea of what your store is like on the inside. Google prioritizes business pages with virtual tours in its search results.
Next up, make sure you’re listed on the Yellow Pages. The yellow book only contains registered businesses, so it gives you some authority over smaller shops. It can be invaluable if your shop is listed in more than one business category.

People usually search online for specific products and services. The more categories you can appear in, the better your chances of being found. Keep updating your contact details, store locations, and business hours to make it as easy as possible for customers to connect with your business.

2. Set Up a Geofence In Your Area

A geofence is a virtual boundary on a geographical location. This boundary can trigger an action when a particular object crosses its borders. Both the actions and the object are up to you. Imagine your ideal customer walking around the vicinity of your store.

As they scroll through their social media app, an ad for your business pops up. It can give them a promotional offer for an item that’s available in that store. Take note that 72% of people who see a targeted ad like this will visit that store on the same day.

And even if they don’t immediately buy anything, a store visit builds rapport, making it easier for them to place an order online. Try to consult with a geofencing services supplier to get started. Set it up and let the fence do the rest to reel in customers.

3. Grab Area Attention With Local Reviews

Customer feedback with star rating online

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool. It’s not just the clicks on your website that matters but the reviews they can leave behind.
The more reviewers you have that are close to your store’s location, the more effective the reviews will be in promoting your business. Place yourself in a customer’s shoes – you’ll be more likely to check out a business if your neighbor left a good review about it.
So how do you gather good reviews? One method is to invite brand promoters to leave good reviews on your website and on social media. Another is to train staff to encourage in-store customers to leave some feedback.
The challenge is in making sure that good reviews outnumber any negative ones.

Marketing Never Sleeps

So, you’ve listed your business on an online directory, set up a geofence to target nearby customers with promos, and found a way to get good quality reviews from the locals.

Now comes the next part, which is keeping your online presence alive. Try posting photos of your storefront, or videos from your friendly staff. And don’t forget to always to tag your location. Keep these simple online marketing tips in mind to help your business raise positive recall to your customers.

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