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Happy Workplace, Happy People: 3 Reasons Happiness Must Be a Priority in the Workplace

We asked people what their definition of being happy in the workplace is, and a considerable percentage of them said that other than the company benefits, it’s the overall culture at work. Here are the things that topped the list.

Official Work Interruption

One of the best ways, and perhaps the easiest ways for management teams to keep employees morale high is by hosting events at work that everyone will look forward to. One-day events filled with activities and funny awards is enough to give employees that much-needed break from the monotony of the daily grind.

It’s a great way to take a breather from attending meetings, town halls, brown bag sessions, and of course, the desk job. In-office sports fest, involving indoor games and sit-down games, is equally fun as an out-of-office event.

Office events like this encourage teamwork and create an opportunity for people to get to know their peers and establish better working relationships with them. And as a by-product, people will feel more comfortable at work and will feel more relaxed in their work environment – critical ingredients to a happy workplace environment.

Family Day

Another one of the easiest ways to promote employee morale is an event such as a Family Day at work. Parents get to bring their kids to their workplace and show them around. Family activities at work give employees a sense of belongingness because it makes them feel proud of what they do and where they work.

It’s an excellent opportunity for management to bring employees closer together. When people at work get to know each other’s’ families, the workplace itself becomes their second home. Employees who refer to their workplace as their second home stay longer at work.

And it’s not because they live in their desks but because it’s a welcoming environment that they never want to leave. It’s something that not even a bigger paycheck offered by another company can buy.

Recognition Day

Employee Gets A Certificate Of Achievement

Apart from bonding over in-office sports and family day events, employee recognition day is one of the popular things that employees are happy about. When employees are recognized for their efforts and contribution to the workplace, they feel seen and valued by their bosses and upper management teams.

This drives them to work better and become more dedicated to work. People gravitate towards a place where they are valued, trusted, and well-cared for; and that’s what recognition days are all about. It’s also a way to highlight their strengths and qualities and letting everyone know about it, and it makes them feel good about themselves. As a result, people become more confident and are inspired to work better.

While there are many other ways to boost employee morale and create a happier workplace environment, these three things made it to the top of the list, based on what employees have to say about what being happy at work means to them.

Most of them also expressed the feeling of being content and very satisfied with how their work life is, and these are primarily influenced by how upper management leads the team, supports non-work activities to break the monotony of the 9-5 routine and get to know the people they work with beyond their life at work.

These things tell us that the perfect workplace for employees is more than just a place where they get a big monthly paycheck; the ideal workplace is one that feels like their second home, and a place where they get paid right and treated right.

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