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Going Green: 7 Environment-Friendly Workplace Practices You Can Try

More and more businesses around the world commit to reducing their environmental impact. Some decide not to serve meat products at company functions while others pledge to get rid of plastic straws in their pantries.

Apart from reducing one’s environmental impact, eco-friendly initiatives also improve an organisation’s reputation. Consumers are more inclined to buy the products and invest in the services of a company that reduces its carbon footprint and promotes green initiatives.

Developing an environment-friendly organisation starts with your team. Your employees must believe in your vision and establish habits that promote sustainability. Here are simple changes that can make your office more environmentally aware:

Conserve energy within the office

Conserving energy in the office is not only environmentally sound but also reduces your utility bills. Here are a few quick and easy ways to save energy in the workplace:

  • Setting the thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and a few degrees lower in the winter
  • Switching your light bulbs to LEDs
  • Turning off lights and electronic equipment when not in use
  • Using laptops instead of desktop computers

Remind your employees of the company initiative through regular email blasts and office board announcements.

Go paperless

Various digital solutions encourage collaboration, streamline processes, and make your office greener. Instead of filling your office with piles of paper, use applications and software to communicate, manage teams, and handle payroll.

If going paperless isn’t an option, consider using recycled paper. Change your printer settings so you can print on both sides of the paper. Look into shredding documents with sensitive information and selling them to recycling companies.

There’s also the option of using post-consumer waste (PCW) paper. PCW is made with less energy and waste than the traditional papermaking process.

Encourage sustainable transportation

According to findings by the American Physical Therapy Association, a person can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 pounds per day by taking public transportation.

Offer incentives to your team members who walk, bike, carpool, or take public transportation to get to work. You may also consider allowing your employees to work from home during certain days of the week.

Invest in office plants

According to science news portal, adding natural elements to the workplace boosts employee health and happiness. Plants also beautify your office space and make the air cleaner to breathe.

Remember that not all plants can thrive in an office space. Choose hardy and low-maintenance plants like African violets, English ivy, and bamboo.

Support green vendors

Choose to support sustainable brands and companies, from online corporate clothing suppliers to office furniture suppliers. Research vendors to learn more about their sustainability efforts. See if their vision about environmental impact aligns with yours.

Reuse and recycle

An easy way to encourage a green office is by setting up recycling bins around the office. Try looking for ways to reduce waste by reusing disposable items or getting rid of plastic products.

Encourage your employees to use reusable coffee mugs, water bottles, and utensils. Promote this initiative by offering company merchandise like stainless steel bottles and travel mugs.

Become involved in your community


Joining cause-related programs encourages team bonding and allows your organisation to support something meaningful. Search for events in your area or collaborate with organisations that have green causes so your team can take part in their campaigns. You may also ask your employees if there is a cause they want to support.

From making small changes in the office to participating in green campaigns, encourage environment-friendly practices that can do wonders for your organisation. Not only will you help the environment, but you’ll also save on costs, improve team health and satisfaction, and attract like-minded customers.

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