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A business owner happy inside a company vehicle

Four Creative Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Company Vehicle

A company will always have multiple assets. These assets are the lifeblood of a company, and it keeps a company alive. Most of the assets of businesses come in the form of cash. However, that cash means nothing if a business doesn’t invest it. One of the most common asset investments businesses make is a company car.

Company cars used to be essential before, but not anymore today. As the pandemic surges, most Americans have decided to work at home. Hence, most companies not needing a company car for employee transportation.

Additionally, the prices of vehicles have increased. The average cost of a single car is around $50,000. That’s an increase of thousands of dollars compared to just a few years ago. However, a company car can still be helpful in many ways. Here are three of those ways:


Emergencies can happen at any time. A company car can help in emergencies, such as delivering products or getting employees to the hospital.


Company cars can eliminate time wasted on public transportation. This allows employees to finish their tasks more efficiently and increase productivity.


A company car projects an image of success and professionalism to clients and customers. It shows that a company is successful enough to invest in a vehicle for its business needs.

Overall, a company car is not necessary for every business. However, it can still be a valuable asset for many companies and should be considered when investing in assets. If you want to get the best out of your company car, here are five ways you can do so.

Use it For Advertising

Most businesses forget that a mobile billboard is right at their fingertips. Utilize the car to display your company’s logo, contact information, and website. This can attract potential customers and clients while the vehicle is on the road. Here are the steps you need to take to use your company car for advertising:

Get it Detailed

The first step you need is to detail your vehicle to represent your company’s logo and brand. Hiring an experienced auto detailing company is worth the investment to ensure your car looks pristine and professional. They can use the proper decals to make your vehicle look as attractive on the road as possible.

Apply Vinyl Wraps or Car Magnets

A professional auto detailer can also apply vinyl wraps or car magnets displaying your company information. These are much more cost-effective than car painting with your brand’s colors and design.

Park in High Traffic Areas

Increase visibility by parking in areas with high foot traffic or near popular businesses, events, and attractions. This will allow potential customers to see your company car while they pass by.

Update Information Regularly

Make sure you regularly update any contact or website information displayed on the car to ensure accuracy for potential clients and customers.

An employee using the company car

Make it a Company Carpool

There might be lesser employees in your office, but it doesn’t mean you won’t need transportation in the future. Not only can carpooling save money on gas and reduce emissions, but it can also increase camaraderie among employees. Take turns driving the company car to work or events, allowing everyone to save on transportation costs while getting to know each other better.

Invest in Maintenance

The life of your company vehicle depends on how much you take care of it. Proactive maintenance can make a huge difference in your car’s lifespan. Here are three essential maintenance you need to do every year.

Change Oil

Your company vehicle runs on oil, so it’s essential to change it regularly. It helps your car run smoothly and prevents damage to the engine.

Rotate Tires

Tire rotation can help with wear and tear on the tires and improve your car’s handling. Rotating them every 6,000 miles is recommended for optimal performance.

Replace Air Filters

Air filters keep dirt and debris out of the engine, so replacing them regularly ensures that your car runs efficiently. It’s recommended to replace air filters every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Use it For Deliveries

If your company offers products or services that require delivery, consider using the company car for these tasks. This can save money on delivery fees and make the process more efficient. Additionally, you can use the vehicle to make gift deliveries for your employees. It can even be a surprise for them and increase morale in the office.

Overall, investing in a company vehicle can be beneficial for many businesses. However, it’s essential to use it effectively and maintain it properly to get the most out of your investment. Utilize it for advertising, carpooling, and deliveries while keeping up with necessary maintenance to

Take advantage of your company car to increase efficiency, project a successful image, and enhance productivity. A company car can be a valuable asset for your business if you invest in proper maintenance and utilize it effectively.

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