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Artificial Intelligence

Future Aid: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an area of technology that has always gotten everyone talking. It can be paired with other techniques to create a useful device or machine. For example, mix robotics with the camera tech of today, and you can come up with a machine that can make its way around the environment. The camera will be its eyes. With facial or object recognition, terrain mapping, and other enhanced imaging, you probably can just call this a good robot vision AI system.

But what is AI? Artificial intelligence at its core is a set of instruction trees. It’s these branching paths that would determine how a machine would respond to a situation. This is basically creating the behavior of the machine. You might be comparing this with machine learning, but that is different. Machine learning is how a program remembers your inputs to which it will reference later when needed. However, an AI can have instructions to learn something as one of its many branches of commands.

How is AI affecting our lives now? There are many areas where it can be implemented. Here are some examples.

Video Games

Gaming is one of the biggest forms of entertainment. There are millions of players around the world. Online gaming has been here for a while now and has brought many people around the world together. But do not count out couch gaming, as there are games out there that let you play beside each other.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have solo players. For them, the strength of the AI programming can make or break the single-player experience. In the early days of video games, AI scripting was observed as simple. Back then, the graphics were mostly two dimensional, and you only had to write code for that space. But now, game worlds are in 3-D and you have to program the characters on how they move around it. It is a more complex affair that would require significant computing power.

Customer Service

Bigger companies have more customers to deal with, so they need a robust customer service infrastructure. AI is being used as an entry point of service. You can chat with it, and it can support you with less complex issues. This takes a big load off of the trained specialists, who can now focus all their skills on more demanding queries.


imaging AI

AI is now being used to upscale lower-resolution images. A picture that was once pixelated can be reborn as a new image with immense sharpness in its details. Increasing the number of pixels will introduce new spaces in the image, to which the AI will fill in these. This involves a huge database of images to which the AI has learned to recognize many things like faces, objects, shapes, textures, and many others. It will make its best judgment of how to add the detail to the new pixels based on the original picture and its knowledge base.

AI will always have a bright future. There are countless ways to implement it. It’s a true game-changer.

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