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Freelancer Management: Ways to Handle Them for Your Business

Brands and companies have a lot of requirements and positions need to be filled regularly. With the onset of startups, indie brands, and small entrepreneurs, outsourcing has become more of a norm with a different supplier for every need. While this has its conveniences, it can also be harder to manage. So, how can one smoothly transact with various freelancers and resources?

Getting a virtual CMO

Outsourcing for your company’s various marketing needs can be a handful, especially if different agencies and freelancers are putting out individual efforts that may end up contradicting each other or not meshing that well. It would require you to pull everyone together and have to enforce a more streamlined system, which can be handled by virtual CMO services.

This option is effective in freeing up your strategic planning because a designated person officially handles that side of the business and ensures that no one is overlapping in their purview.

Going for the virtual route is a popular solution because it is as effective as hiring in-house but more cost-efficient. Virtual CMOs often charge less than their in-house counterparts, costing less but still producing good output and helping you band your different suppliers into one umbrella and crafting a singular marketing plan.

Setting up a central payment portal

online payment

Keeping up with multiple invoices and different bank accounts can take a lot of effort from your management team, especially when various dates need to be met and other existing payables could affect your schedule of payment and the like. An easy way to make pay-outs smoother both for you and those you hire is by setting up one platform or portal where you can collate invoices and release payments.

Doing this makes the process much quicker as you only need to put payment into one place and everyone is more assured that they get their fees on time. Doing this also ensures that there won’t be any issues that usually crop up when it comes to checks clearing and bank transfers. Also, this method can help you have a cleaner singular reference when accounting for all your payables and expenditures.

Creating a freelancer pool

Setting up a pool where you compile the information of all the people you’ve worked with before can be helpful, especially when managing or developing new projects. With a freelance pool, you can have an existing group that you’ve had experience with, and you can limit the need for searching for new talent to collaborate with.

Starting new endeavors with workers you’ve hired in previous projects not only makes the briefing easier, but it also allows you to maintain a select circle that you can manage at a smaller scale. It also gets rid of the testing period of having to wade through new collaborators. Even if some may not be available when you reach out, having them in your pool often results in referrals that still make it easier for you to find workers to join your project rather than having to search out in the vast field.

With those tips in your arsenal, it should be a much smoother experience dealing with different outsourced workers and agencies.

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