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Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance

When applying for car insurance in Arizona, it’s better to weigh your options rather than take the first offer you find. Different companies would offer different rates because when it comes to car insurance, there’s no such thing as a set price. Several factors also affect your rates — some of which are beyond your control. Here are a few factors that could raise your car insurance rates:

1. Getting Charged with a DUI

A DUI conviction requires you to install an ignition interlock device for your car and need you to switch to SR-22 insurance. In AZ, SR-22 is an insurance option reserved for individuals the state considers high risk. An SR-22 will more than double your insurance premiums, costing you around $1,500 or more each year. You’ll need to maintain this insurance for a minimum of 1 year, but you’ll need to keep a clean record to get back your old insurance cates.

2. You’re too Young or too Old

If you’re below 25, your car’s insurance rates can go up by 20 percent or more. The same is true once you reach the age of 70. According to statistics, young and elderly drivers are more likely to get involved in accidents. Young drivers can be a little bit immature when driving, pushing their vehicles to the limit, texting, and performing stunts on the road, as well as having unruly friends in the car. Getting old also heightens the risk of getting into an accident. Older drivers have slower reflexes and may not see as well as they used to.

3. Claims and Credit

Your credit score will affect your car’s insurance rate. A bad score makes it more likely for you to file inflated or fraudulent requests. A bad credit score might even require you to pay a bulk of your insurance up front instead of the usual monthly rates. Even if you have a good credit score, if you’ve filed more than three claims in three years, you’ll get a few raised eyebrows. You’re either a bad driver, extremely unlucky, or messing with the system. Either way, your rates will go up.

4. Too Much Driving

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Some insurance companies will take into account the length of your daily commute. If you drive a relatively short distance, your rates can go down, but it goes up if you take long drives. The more time your car spends on the road, the higher the chance of getting into an accident. So if you only take your car out over the weekends, you can get a small cut.

5. You’re a Man

Men are more impatient, aggressive, and prone to take risks. While this might be good in the corporate world, on the road, it’s not. Most car accidents involve men, and the crashes they are involved with are much more severe when compared to those of women.

When it comes to car insurance, some factors are simply beyond your control. However, you can keep your record clean and over time; you can convince your provider that you’re a safe bet.

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