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Create a Digital Marketing Funnel with These Techniques

Online marketing is an integral part of your brand’s success. One aspect to put your attention on is the marketing funnel. Creating the latter provides you with insights as to how you can approach your target audience and convert them at a higher rate.

Experts on online marketing services in Miami such as SBS Digital Marketing cite the following techniques that allow you to create the ideal digital sales funnel.

Make Your Audience Aware

Your target market needs to be aware of your existence before they even add you to their shortlist. Focus your online campaigns to reaching your intended audience and directing them to the right landing pages and websites.

Social media is an avenue to achieve this goal; shares, interactions with your posts, likes, views and other metrics show interest in what you offer and do. Focus on SEO as well because search engines have the final say as to where your website ranks.

Get quality backlinks, make your pages mobile-friendly, fast loading and content rich.

Identify What to Offer

Trying to hit all possible customers in various niches isn’t an effective strategy. Know who your audience is and identify the products or services that solve their problems. Once you figure this out, go into the specifics of your approach such as pricing and method of payment, format, delivery and the inclusions.

Understand the ideal point to reach a customer for a better chance at conversion.

Determine a Freebie

The freebie will entice a visitor to move further down the marketing funnel, click on your advertisements, and provide their contact details. The purpose of a giveaway is to grab the attention of visitors. Avoid giving freebies just because, provide value that will solve a person’s specific problems or lead them to a solution.

This can come in the form of information or a product. Make it unique and differentiable from the offers of your direct competitors.

Automate Emails

The automated emails are the next step after a potential customer gets a freebie when they provide their contact details. These are a series of up to five emails you will deliver automatically telling your prospects more about your brand.

Some of the emails you can send through two weeks are the delivery of the freebie. This is for providing information about how to use the product and the value it provides. The next one is the welcome and expectation email; this is a reminder as to why they signed up and your expectations from the recipient.

The next few emails you send offer value, showcase studies, social proof, an offer and the last one is a reminder email.

Create a Landing Page

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A person browsing the web has specific needs that you need to address. Achieve this by creating a landing page that answers their questions. Make different ones catered to where a prospect is along the marketing funnel.

Add specific calls-to-action and details about how you provide value and why you will be the solution.

These are some of the ways to create an effective digital marketing funnel. Implement these to achieve the results you want and reach a person according to where they are along the sales channel.

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