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Car Accident Claims: What Documents Do You Need?

Submitting a claim for a car accident injury is a process that heavily relies on fact. The insurance manager receiving your application was not there as it happened so they will need documents to help them evaluate the claim. Some adjusters will demand letters and medical records. Others will request time to do due diligence, and so the documentation needed will be minimal.

One reason to get in touch with accident lawyers in Brisbane is that they can examine the documents to tell you the amount you qualify for in compensation. By the time your claim is settled, you are likely done treating the car injuries. You will have to put together a demand package to the insurer with the following documents.

Police Reports and Witness Statements

If during the accident emergency responders attended to you, there is likely an accident report. This will provide vital information about the crash, including the location, date and time. It will also list the witnesses as well as images taken at the accident scene. It may also have the insurance information of the driver, which will help to get in touch with the insurance provider. Many police reports will have the details for the responsible party.

Police reports often have witness statements, which some insurance companies require. However, it is wise to have any recordings of statements at hand, in case some details need proof.

Photographs and Car-Related Tickets

photograph of car accident

Photos help the adjuster to understand the damage caused by the accident. They are taken by either emergency responders or insurance companies, and people involved. Sometimes, car repairers may also provide the photographs. It is easy for one to be able to tell the story and hardly have any evidence. Photos offer this proof.

Some insurance companies may want to downplay an accident or the events surrounding it. It helps if the party responsible for the crash got a citation so that you will not be stuck trying to explain how it was not your fault. Your attorney should get this citation from the responsible local officials.

Medical Records and Bills

For an injury claim, you will be better off with detailed medical records. These documents will show that the accident harmed you. They also provide proof that you pursued treatment as a result. Medical records are often lengthy and expensive to get. However, you will need them if you will claim any compensation for harm.

Medical bills, on the other hand, show the monetary costs your injuries incurred you. Be sure to track all the medical care providers you visited and maintain the receipts you got. The bills will help to strengthen your claim.

In some cases, you will also need compensation for the time you missed work. To recoup the damages, you need to be able to provide proof. You can include a work schedule in the insurance claim documents. The rule of thumb, in this case, is this: if you cannot prove it, leave it out.

Remember always to have the best lawyer available to help you in your case. Insurance companies often strive to bare minimum cost. Having the lawyers present the above documents on your behalf will almost guarantee you a satisfactory pay.

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